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Originally Posted by mike1969 View Post
I was robbed at gunpoint of a rifle at my place of employment on July 26 2003, and almost again on October 18, 2003. That was the wakeup. I thought I was going to have actually use a gun to defend myself against a car-jacking in 2005, they guy grabbed the door handle at a gas station after I decided I wanted a coca-cola. I know he saw the glock, because after I yelled he didnt want my truck, he turnt tail and ran off. The barrel of the glock was pressed against the glass.

And one more incident years ago, some punks in a car pointed a revolver out the window of a white hyundai. I wish I had a gun then, because know when I think back about that incident the police where called and it took them almost an hour to respond. And I remember the retarded-ass manager coming out asking why in the hell did I drive like a maniac and almost take out 2 of the gas pumps. He said he was going to call the cops and I had to leave. I told his sorry behind he would drive like a maniac if someone pointed a gun at him, and maybe he should call the cops. He did and when they got there, they stayed for 30 seconds, and no report. Low and behold a few months later, I saw the same car with the same 4 guys.

Do you know the fear of looking down the barrel of a rifle pointed at you, not knowing if that moment in time is the last?? If the thug decides to be a heartless asshat and shoots you for your last 15 dollars.?? It sucks, and I refuse to be a victim again. Im not saying Im gung-ho and am looking for an excuse to just shoot someone. Its far from that, but if I have to defend myself, I will.
And the crime that happens on a daily basis, is another reason.

Many, many, many glocktalkers have had a similiar experience and dont wish to selected to be a victim again. And those that havent, dont want to be the next one.
You should realize that by pressing the Glock against the curved side window of a vehical that it more than likely was out of battery and would not have fired. Not so with revolvers and not so much with XD's but all other autoloaders, the slide will be pushed back and out of battery.
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