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heh... I suppose it depends on how hot we are talking, but if it were ME, and you are shooting this out of a glock with the unsupported chamber, I would use new brass for some he-man loads.

The common response is that federal brass is junk. I use a few, but try to toss most of them out. They were redesigned at one point to make them a little more "burst proof" at the webbing, so they in theory should be OK with the newer stuff, but I just dont trust them. I have also seen some nastily bulged out rem. and win. brass. I would say if it were up to me, I guess speer. That seems to look a tad stronger just from looking at fired brass. I use my .40 less than other brass, with about 3 reloads or so before I toss them. I think the constant expansion on the brass from the "glock bulge" and resizing process weakens it a bit. Perhaps I am paranoid, but I really dont want to KB my glock if I can keep from it.
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