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July 2006 -

I moved into what I thought was a decent neighborhood. I had recently got custody of my son and needed something bigger for the both of us & the girl friend fo course....

Within a week, I noticed that I wasn't the only new tennant on the street. There was an ex-convict / convicted fellon who had just gotten out of prison a week before I moved in - living accross the street. I'll call him "b" from now on.

B had a lot going on. All his ex-convict buddies would come see him all day and all night! Loud music, broken beer bottles, trash, litter, fights, gun shots were norm every time B had company.

It got worse - By August 2006, another one of B's friends moved into the house next door, he was squatting at one of the tennants......

By November 2006, there were three shootings and a stabbing on my street. What made it worse was the house was right accross the street and I lived on the first floor. I was away at Drill (National Guard) and came back to a bullet hole in my living room window and TV.

The next few months were on and off - I'd started taking down license plate numbers, e-mailing the police department, taking notes while I was waiting for my CCW class... I had expandible batons, baseball bats strategically placed in my house, car and carried knives - which was crazy, considering the "bad guys" had guns. But it was better than nothing.

One of my neighbors asked B why he allowed outsiders to disrespect his house and "our" other houses. B's reaction to her question was pulling a gun and telling her to mind her own business. When my neighbor told me, I called the police and they asked if she was sure it was a "real" gun.... I was like WTF? I approached B and he denied the incident - a few days later, one of B's friends asked me if I was a cop.... He told me to mind my business and 'watch' that pretty girl of mine.... I snapped and introduced him to my fist and baton until the police came.... they did't arrest me or him, but suggested I move... The guy kept coming around every time he was drunk for a "rematch" as he called it. LOL - what a dirt bag! I'd already made him my b**** so I was NOT interested in a re-match.

I finally got around to my CCW class in March 2007, but I did NOT physically get my permit in hand until July 2007!!! I'd already moved out of the neighborhood when my lease expired...

The whole ordeal changed me. I'm a soldier, I'd been deployed, combat veteran ect.... but I couldn't protect myself, my son or my girlfriend against a few gang, punk loosers who had nothing better to do (but had guns). they would stand outside my living room and talk smack! they would sit on my car! leave trash on the sidewalk - the police was NO help at all!

I now own 3 firearms and carry anytime I am NOT in uniform.... and sometimes I carry anyway if I'm going to "questionable" places.

My girlfriend just picked up her CCW permit this week as well.... i've already taken her shooting so it's all good.

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