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I live in Illinois---enough said there. But I do have a few incidents to share that happened, not to me personally, but close enough...

The first event, which really got me thinking, happened in June of 2005. The town I live in is in the Metro East of St. Louis. My neighborhood, in all fairness and honesty, has seen shifting demographics. There are some apartment complexes across the street from my home and there was a man and a woman outside arguing very loudly and quickly shifting from verbal to what I assumed would soon go physical. I called 911 and quickly told the dispatcher what was up and the location on Park Drive. She started asking me questions like "Can you see if there are any weapons drawn?" My response was on the lines of "Are you nuts? I'm not going to see!" She said "OK...police are on the way." Well, low and behold a solid 5 to 10 minutes pass and no police. About this time I get a phone call back and it was the same dispatcher and she asks "Sir, where are the apartments on Park Avenue?" I said "NO, PARK DRIVE!....WEST SIDE OF TOWN!" All I hear is "Oh my" A min or two passes and police cars start flying in from all over. By now, it was all over and the two disputers calmed down and went inside. I talked to one of the officers and told him the scoop. They stayed for ten minutes, saw nothing, and left.

Second incident was a little more freighting. It happened last year in October. It was my dad's birthday so we had family and friends over just relaxing on a Monday evening. My neighbors next door are older folks so maintenance doesn't always get done around there house in a timely fashion. In this case they have some steps on the front of there house just like ours. Not real big but enough to seat a couple of people. In addition, the porch light above the steps was out creating an opportunity for the BGs in this case. I was inside the whole time and didn't know what was going on. My dad was outside talking with his brother in law and they soon left. Dad came inside and said some guy just took off running through our yard, knocked over our wood pile, and kept running. Well, here's what I found out later on from the officer that later showed up to get our witness report: A local Imo's pizzeria driver, a girl in this case, was out delivering pizza after 9 pm. The order came in for a pizza from the BGs sitting on my neighbors steps. They gave her the wrong address, she went back to Imo's and called the person who ordered the pizza, and he told her that he made a mistake and gave her the right address. She came back to the address, got out of the car, and the guy called her over. She asked him "why are you hiding in the dark" (or something of the sort); he discredited the statement and convinced her to come over anyway. As she approached two other BGs jumped out from the bushes and beat her up, stealing over $300 in cash on her. She pulled a knife but didn't stab any of the assailants. She stumbled back to her car beat up and with a black eye and called the police. This is all when my dad saw the guy run through our yard.

Third incident. I was a sophomore in high school and a fellow classmate and I were working on a group project. We met at my dad's office to finish the item and we landed up going into the evening. My dad and uncle thankfully landed up staying as well which is why (and most likely) nothing occured. This guy and his young son come to the door well after closing. My dad answered and managed to persuade him that if he needed insurance to come back tomorrow for a quote since we were closed for the evening. Anyway, he leaves but we find out the next day the the bicycle shop guy next door was mugged by this guy. He pulled a handgun and took whatever cash the bike owner had on him and the store. I only imagine that it was because there was four of us in the office that he decided to walk away and choose an easier target.

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