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aight, i got a suggestion.

don't peeve Eric enough you get banned, and let that be your total ruleage.

i figure the worst offenders are self identifying, ya might make it a substantial wrist slap, say, a month for public indecency.. and a perm ban on idjits couldn't take a hint the first time.

i been running on that system a while and it's not perfect but it beats no system at all.

at some point it's about the bottom line anyway, so, call it that.

jerks get thrown off the bus for cause, Eric drives the bus, the TOS ain't invisible.

why make it complex? that first step is a doozy.. and the second one don't have a bottom to it. that gives any jerks time to contemplate their misdeeds and repent, or NOT.. and plenty time for tempers to cool off. . and if it happens twice WITH em, and not WITHOUT em.. ya got cher no brainer.

and if it happens with the OTHER guy, and them GONE..well, uh, that's kinda a no brainer too..
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