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I just ran through a batch of sellier and beloit 9mm brass with the red goop on the primers. They were total JUNK. Did NOT want to seat primers in any way, shape or form. I had two out of about 15 actually seat primers flush, the other ones would only go about 1/2 way if that, so I junked them. I dont think I will even be trying my hand at S&B brass anymore.

FC NATO brass is finicky. I had a couple that absolutely did not want to seat primers as well, but they may have been crimped. I didnt check too closely. Might want to mark some of the older crimped 9mm NATO stuff as brass that isnt really worth the time of messing with.

Also, i really like R-P 9mm brass as it seems pretty easy to seat primers in since the primer pocket is beveled, I would rate this as good reloading brass.

OH- and before anyone asks, might want to list wolf and all aluminum "brass" as JUNK not to be reloaded.
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