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Originally Posted by Scarecrow28 View Post
Nice collection JASV. What do you think of the Glock knives? What about the CRKT? I've got a Crawford Kasper and SMKW had a great deal on the M16 model.

Thanks, Scarecrow. The Glock knife is a decent "tool" knife, for what it is. I think it was about $25-$30, I keep it in my truck. If it gets stolen or damaged in heavy use, I won't feel bad about just having to get another one. The CRKT is a real nice little knife. Rides well in the pocket and opens/closes real smooth and fast. I got it from my brother, who is in LE. The emblem on it says "Federal Bureau of Investigations/Special Wespons and Tactics/Jacksonville Branch". He got it from an agent that he knows. It's my first tanto. I wasn't a fan of them until I got this one, then I was sold (which later led to my Emerson purchase).
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