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Originally Posted by Darkangel1846 View Post
When I was in the military I always carried 1911 when I moved cross country. Jumping ahead the Tidewater area of Va. we started having a hugh number of car jackings, robberies with murders.
I started packing my 1911 when they found a car jacking victim dead in her trunk not far from where I lived.
One month later that 1911 saved me from a baseball bat swing thug who was coming around to the drivers side of my Bronco(which was stuck in traffic). He saw my 1911, dropped his bat and ran.
I've carried every since, and it has saved my life at least twice. The last time from 4 gang banger in Corpus Christi Texas.
Now it is funny to say but since I now live in white rural Oregon I've never even had to put my hand on my CCW(10 years).
The price you pay for none diversity.
Are you saying that non whites are always the bad guys? Just because there are some that are bad does not make us all bad. It just depends on where they live that makes them good or bad.

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