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Originally Posted by babyg26mama View Post
Having my first child...made life worthwhile and realized I was a female with a baby in a nice car (when my husband is not with us). Got nervous sometimes in certain areas. Rather be safer than sorry.
Good for you! Bravo!
Bad guys look for easy victims; you still look like a victim - remember that. You still LOOK like a victim because mose young moms would not be carrying a gun and would do nothing to jeapordize the well being of their baby. You do, on the other hand, have the element of surprise on your side now. For the very same reason.

What you need now is some serious training and practice; it will make self defense a reflex and it will give you an opportunity to think out in advance some things that you may HAVE to do to protect your child that you would otherwise never think of doing. Nuff said as it is repulsive to think about... but you are going to have to be prepared, practiced and absolutely willing to what needs to be done. Better a toddler or baby with a bruise that is out of harm's way so you can do what you need to do. Please. Get some quality training. It will help keep you out of harms way perhaps and it will help you to deal with things if you do get into harms way.
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