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It really tends to make one believe that 'an armed society is a polite society' as stated by one of our founding fathers. And the simple threat of catastrophic retaliation for aggressive and violent assault is aggressive and violent self defence; IMHO that in itself tends to reduce the amount of BG's thinking about doing bad things.

We thought we heard footsteps in the basement yesterday night. I can assure you that the fact that we were on the top landing, up two flights of stairs, and well protected, gave us a great amount of peace of mind. I did not sleep last night. But I also did not sit cowering in the corner or locked into a 'hardened room' praying for peace either. I was prepared to do WHATEVER was necessary the moment I discovered that my home had been violated. And IMHO it is just exactly that which is necessary in order to put and end to this craziness that surrounds us and pervades our present society as being the norm. Let the bad guys be the ones who are afraid for their very lives. Make no mistake whatsoever that the fear of catastrophic penalties for aggressive behavious will put a rapid stop to the unacceptable social habits we are having forced upon us. Either through psychological shaping or through genetic shaping. Either way is fine by me. I have had two (make that three) home invasions or attempts at home invasion in recent years and one occasion of having a very large caliber revolver stuck in my nose, literally. I am fed up and not prepared to take it any longer. Are you a sheeple? Be my guest... if you would be so kind as to forward to me your name and address I would be more than pleased to post it on my front door and let's just see what takes places lickety split, huh? I'll wager I know where the BG's head. Eventually, one way or another, the gene pool will get adjusted accordingly until the decent folk find themselves at peace and on top, don't you think?
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