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For me it kind of evolved. At first I was thinking of carrying a sidearm with me while turkey hunting and bowhunting early in case of snakes. Then VT happened and my lady also got transferred out to CA for her job training and I started thinking about human threats much more seriously. Then I proposed to her and realized that I am now responsible for her well being and mine for both our sake and our families'. So I sent a rifle with her to keep for home defense, knowing that preserving her safety from harmful people is paramount. It then dawned on me that I should be no less safe in my everyday life. Further I came to the understanding that unarmed citizens are the petri dish on which the germ of criminality thrives, and that being an armed resistant to murder and robbery is a civic duty to make the world less safe for criminals and thus more safe for my fellow good people.

With those ideas in mind, daily carry is simply an inescapable and undeniable responsibility. If you have ANYONE who cares about you it is your responsibility to them to carry. PERIOD. No arguement possible. Do it.
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