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Originally Posted by 1canvas View Post
grandson killed in a violent attack. the aftermath of the murder was unbeliveable. he was an inocent child. the effects on my family was unbearable. you just replay the attack over and over in your head. my point is i will do all i can to survive an attack, even if i have to defend myself with a gun, i will, and so will my family. i owe it to my family, and my family owes it to me to survive an attack[we all carry]. so don't be lazy and carry, you owe it to your loved ones.
I am very sorry to hear of your grandson; a good friend up here lost a daughter to a whacko a few years ago on her graduation night from law school, on being called to the bar as they say. On the stairs to her walkup apartment. I know things would have resulted completely differently had she been permitted to protect herself but she did not even have that option up here north of the 49th. Not only did it end a beautiful young life and career, it adversely affected dozens of friends and relatives and snuffed out the life of both parents as I have not seen a smile from either of them in ten years since it happened.

You are right, of course. If you have the privilege of protecting yourself and your loved ones you must do so as to do anything else is unforgivable should anything happen.

I have promised myself that I will carry whenever and wherever I am able (south of the border in the USA). I have been at the receiving end of two home invasions (one successful, the other not... the bg's taken down at gunpoint while they were still trying to pry open the FRONT door to our home, oblivious to the sirens and flashing lights). And at the receiving end of the largest revolver I have ever seen in my life, pointed right at my nose, by a whacko who did not like the way I was driving nor the fact that I had Ontario plates on the van. I left him choking on my dust as I floored the gas pedal to the metal and ducked for cover. He was too stoned to pull the trigger fortunately. I will never ever ever be in a position of not being able to protect myself or my family again as long as I am able to do so legally. And you are dead right... it is a privilege that every US citizen should exercise. It was the SECOND amendment.... it was well thought out, with a finite purpose, and we should take advantage of that right or lose it.
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