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Originally Posted by Gunboat1 View Post
And yes, I agree - one is undergunned carrying only a snub. That was the point.
My main contention was that you can never assume to have the advantage. That can lead to complacency, that's all.

If you're telling people a 10, 15, or 20 round auto will NOT leave them undergunned, I still disagree. ANY handgun is a compromise. In the unfortunate event I have to fire shots to defend myself or my family, I'd much rather have an AR/AK/shotgun than any handgun. Even then, I might still wish for more! Of course, keeping an AR in your waistband isn't practical. But you'll still be undergunned without one.

It's just a fact of life that when shots are fired, you'll ALWAYS be undergunned for comfort. The question, is how much compromise can you live with, as they're ALL a compromise. And I CAN live with the snub as a compromise sometimes. Though I'd much rather have it backed up by pepper spray and a Louisville Slugger, and have it backing up a G26, backing up a G19, backing up an AR, etc. Then again, if we knew shots would be fired, we'd probably just stay home.

It's just different strokes, my man, we're all good!!
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