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A friend wrote:
As a matter of fact, yes, I do. I will be carrying a gun - not all of them may be. I have been extensively trained and am an experienced firearms/close combat instructor - I doubt they are. I practice a lot - not all of them do, most probably. I will seize the initiative - denying it to them. I will seek and use cover - unless they have been well-trained (an unlikely probability), they may very well not.

With a large bore semiautomatic pistol with a Crimson Trace laser, I'm well armed. I can take on violent criminals without hesitation with that type of weapon. A Glock 23. A Sig P226, or a Beretta 92. Duty pistols are "better" to fight with than BUGS.

With a snub I'm less well armed. It's a BUG or hideout gun. Crimson Trace lasergrips are essential on the snub for me, just as they are on the Walther PPK/S.
I can't see the stock sights on those weapons if I'm in a hurry/moving. I can barely see the front sight of those weapons standing still.

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