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Originally Posted by Gunboat1 View Post
"Here lies McGruff
Thought five was enough
If he'd had eleven
He wouldn't be in heaven."

At least as good an epitaph as " I probably won't need more firepower, statistically".

Glock 26 or snub against a group of three or more, assuming that you miss with a round or two under stress (as is extremely likely, especially in light of the tiny sights, heavy trigger and short barrel of a snub)?

Clever little poem but doesn't really mean anything. Catchy phrases and quotes abound on the internet, particularly on gun forums. Have you heard the one that goes something like "If you can't get the job done with the first six rounds what makes you think you will fair any better with the next six?" Of course, everyone has heard of Chicken Little and that famous line, "The sky is falling, the sky is faling." I could go on but you get the drift. Threat assessments, comfort zones and a lot of other factors come into play regarding what one should carry to protect themselves. What is right for you may be completely wrong for someone else.
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