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A few things happened to convince me:
-My state became shall issue.
-I started reading about how my state may change the law.
-I joined the local gun rights organization and the NRA to help protect the shall issue laws.
-There were many CCW classes offered in my area.
-The Brady bill/laws ended and I was worried that they would come back and I would miss my chance.

So I took the training, bought some Glocks and a large number of the 33 rd mags (worried that the Brady laws might come back)
Joined GT took more training and started to really enjoy going to the range.
Now my wife's moment was different.
She shared my enjoyment of the range and we shared the Glocks and a ruger 22/45, but she traveled on a lonely highway once and was frightened by a potential stalker.
She returned from the trip, took a CCW class, got her own sub compact- G36 (she likes the single stack) and her own ruger 22/45. We still share the 17L and G21. I do catch her looking at single stack 1911s - uh ooh- lol

She actually came home this week with the Guns and Ammo mag with the Kimber SIS on the cover... (hummmm..)
We actually held one at our range/shop later on this week.
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