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austinguy23 02-06-2009 05:41

Milt Sparks Summer Special for Glock 27/33
Anyone know where I can buy a NEW Milt Sparks Summer Special holster for my Glock 33? The 27 has the same dimensions as the 33, FYI (perhaps the 26, too).


Kid Ray 04-13-2009 18:59

Brownells has SSII for G26/27


austinguy23 04-13-2009 19:44

Already bought one a while back. Thanks though.

Glock19_11 05-04-2009 15:26

I have a like new Summer Special 2. I would like to get a Versa Max 2 for my G26. so if you could help me find one i'd sell you my summer special.

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