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Eric 09-28-2008 17:18

Welcome to the GTArmY Realm!
Hi folks. GT now has a new community-based war game, recently christened GTArmY. This is a program designed by someone else, but it appears that their development of the mod has discontinued, so I am going to continue developing the game, for our use.

I have quite a bit on my plate right now, but I will begin developing the system actively in a month or so. Until then, I'll leave the system up in Beta, so everyone can enjoy it and find any bugs in the program.

I will create a thread here for bug reports and another thread for new feature and overall concept suggestions. I don't know much about games like this, so I am going to rely on the on all of your input to help steer and grow this beast. I will shortly appoint a moderator here, who will help chair discussions on concepts and features for this game. He will also handle support questions and be the main admin in the game.

I understand that you all want to get people to help with your recruitment efforts, but I don't want to see threads strewn throughout the site for that purpose. Feel free to post such threads here and please feel free to post recruitment links in your sig lines.

I think this will be an outstanding addition to the site, once it matures a bit. Eric

Eric 09-28-2008 17:22

BTW, if someone has a suggestion for a better name, I am open to suggestions. Thanks. Eric

bchandler 09-28-2008 17:32

A few name ideas:

GT Arena (or GlockTalk Arena)
GTears of War (a play on Gears of War)
Battlefield GT
Forum Wars
The Glocksades
Battle for GlockTalk

All pretty corny, I know, but it's hard incorporating the work GlockTalk into a war-themed title :b

Chosen 11-29-2008 00:35

Do you have a Game Design Document?

javaman2 02-04-2009 18:06

call me old fashion but I always liked the ring of Militia, GT Militia....sounds like music to my ears :).

by the by
current event stuff

SpitFyRRe 05-27-2009 19:25

So what is this game about?

betyourlife 05-27-2009 20:22


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