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thisaway 11-23-2001 09:30

Wheelhouse Numbers List
1 ptgdvc
2 lunde
2.40 viscid240
3 Dakotalawdog
3.5 TNT
4 oldfell

Frenchy 11-24-2001 05:19

number & pistol
I'd like "5356"...that's my DSN number...and this is my revolver.
It's a pre-28 Highway Patrolman, "N" frame 357. This is a late "54" or early "55" production model, 5 screw with the diamond Magna grips. Serial # 113xxx.

MakeMineA10mm 11-24-2001 07:50


I must've dropped off the list somewhere. I'd like #44. ;f

glockshootist 11-24-2001 09:20


25 seems to be available. Please sign me up for that number. Thanks...

sailor 11-24-2001 23:35

I would like 608 if it is available. Thanks.

Butch 11-24-2001 23:50

Can I have #98? (my badge number) Thanks!

9mmepiphany 11-26-2001 04:37

gee with all those open numbers...can i have 10? if that's taken i'd like to have 9


thisaway 11-26-2001 09:17

According to Smoney, the Wheelhouse numbers 001-125 were used in the past, I guess when DakotaLawDog was the Moderator here. The list I have posted is the only one extant.

Accepting full respnsibility, I will reassign any numbers below 125 that have NOT already been posted on my list. If a conflict arises with a past member, I will resolve it somehow.

For now, all requested numbers are OK.

bubo2069 11-26-2001 12:56

can I have 38???

Harrison 11-28-2001 11:50

Can I have 3373?


shojin 11-30-2001 17:51

Cool! May I have 41 to go along with my .41 mag mt gun?

- Matt

PlasticGuy 12-01-2001 02:27

I suppose I should take member #60 while it's available. Thanks.

shojin 12-01-2001 13:03

Thanks for 41, my favorite magnum cartridge!

Chop Farwood 12-03-2001 12:45

If still available, I'd like #277. It'll keep me with the same number in all the clubs I'm a part of.

P.S. Frenchy, that's too nice for words!

VictorLouis 12-03-2001 14:36

What the Heck
count me in for number 28, as in Model 28.:)

G33 12-03-2001 15:46

Thanks for all the work you do here.
No need for a number.

G33 12-03-2001 15:48

Excellent caliber choice!!
See .41 to the left.;)

Adam32 12-04-2001 03:39

How about 2601, my sons B-day


shojin 12-06-2001 10:33

G33, Its not often I run into folks that like the .41 mag. For reasons mysterious and not so mysterious (its flat shooting and a great balance of power and controlability) I haven't started reloading yet, but want to start sometime next year. I read else where that you reload, can you refer to a good www site for reloading info?

- shojin

BadShot 12-09-2001 10:17

Can I have number 1011?


GreyMage 12-10-2001 04:52

It seems that my number was left off the list.

GreyMage, Wheeler #1586 checking in.

FotoTomas 12-10-2001 14:16

Respectfully Request #9122. Personal number with a lot of history.

jeff c 12-10-2001 15:08

Can I have number 426 please?

jeff c

Theodore Ruxpin 12-10-2001 15:22

I'll take Wheelhouse # 500 if you please...


Swanny 12-13-2001 14:59

I would like #1172. Thanks.

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