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MCNETT 01-26-2005 23:36

Here are official gelatin results for all of the DoubleTap loads!
All of these tests were done using 10% ballistic gelatin provided by Vyse gelatin using all FBI protocols and 4 layers of denim and two layers of light cotton T-shirt in front of the gelatin.

DoubleTap 9mm+P
115gr. Gold Dot JHP @ 1415fps - 12.00" / .70"
124gr. Gold Dot JHP @ 1310fps - 13.25" / .70"
147gr. Gold Dot JHP @ 1125fps - 14.00" / .66"

DoubleTap .40 S&W Penetration / expansion
135gr. Nosler JHP @ 1375fps - 12.10" / .72"
155gr Gold Dot JHP @ 1275fps - 13.00" / .76"
165gr Gold Dot JHP @ 1200fps - 14.0" / .70"
180gr Gold Dot JHP @ 1100fps - 14.75" / .68"
200gr XTP @ 1050fps - 17.75" / .59"

DoubleTap .357 Sig
115gr Gold Dot JHP @ 1550fps - 12.25" / .71"
125gr Gold Dot JHP @ 1450fps - 14.5" / .66"
147gr Gold Dot JHP @ 1250fps - 14.75" / .73"

DoubleTap .357 Magnum
125gr. Gold Dot JHP @ 1600fps - 12.75" / .69"
158gr. Gold Dot JHP @ 1400fps - 19.0" .56"

DoubleTap 10mm
135gr JHP @ 1600fps - 11.0" / .70" frag nasty
155gr Gold Dot JHP @ 1475fps - 13.5" / .88"
165gr Gold Dot JHP @ 1400fps - 14.25" / 1.02"
165gr Golden Saber JHP @ 1425fps - 14.75" / .82"
180gr Golden Saber JHP @ 1330fps - 16.0" / .85"
180gr XTP @ 1350fps 17.25 / .77
180gr Gold Dot JHP @ 1300fps - 15.25" / .96"
200gr XTP @ 1250fps - 19.5" / .72"
230gr Equalizer @ 1040fps - 11.0" and 17.0" / .62" and .40"

DoubleTap .45ACP
185gr Gold Dot JHP @ 1225fps - 12.75" / .82"
200gr Gold Dot JHP @ 1125fps - 14.25" / .88"
230gr Gold Dot JHP @ 1010fps - 15.25" / .95"

DoubleTap 9X25
115gr Gold Dot JHP @ 1800fps - 10.0" / .64" frag nasty
125gr Gold DOt JHP @ 1725fps - 15.0" / .74"
147gr Gold Dot JHP @ 1550fps - 17.5" / .68"

For those who are asking, here it is!

hollow10mm 01-27-2005 00:32

now if iam shooting the 10mm loads like the 165 grain gold dot out of the g-29 can i expect a little less expansion and a little more penitration? is that the norm?

coltrane679 01-27-2005 01:01

Good stuff, Mike!

Quick question--are you still planning some .450SMC (aka .45 Super) loads? They would be sweet out of my S&W 625.

agtman 01-27-2005 10:26

Mike: GREAT information and a big "thank you" for all the time and work you put into producing it! ;c

Tazz10mm: I'd ask that this thread get a sticky pronto, since it contains answers to penetration & expansion questions that get asked regularly here and on Caliber Corner about Double Tap Ammo, in particular the 10mm loads.

Plus, because Mike used the scientifically-accepted test media for developing the penetration & expansion data on DT 10mm ammo, it secondarily provides valid documentation pertaining to the issue of "overpenetration" when using DT's full-power 10mm HPs - those specifically designed and intended for defensive use against human assailants (i.e., the Nosler, Golden Saber and Gold Dot HP loads).

Thanks again, Mike! :cool:

MCNETT 01-27-2005 11:42

From a G29 the 165gr GSHP went 15.0" and showed expansion to .84" The petals were folded further back on the bullet fired from the G20.

kestrou 01-27-2005 12:38

Excellent! ;f


hollow10mm 01-27-2005 16:06

so would the 165 GD expand to like 1.0 and penitrate a little farther out of a g-29? i think iam gonna have to go with 165 GD.

i vote for sticky as everyone always wants this info.

a1b2c3 01-27-2005 16:16

Information much appreciated. Those results are better than I expected and why I carry your 10mm ammo on-duty.

maximum 01-27-2005 17:10

Mike, do you have any penetration results for the 200 gr BTB @1400 FPS?

Brasso 01-27-2005 18:11

I hope all the .45 is King crowd doesn't see this. There might be a DT 10mm ammo shortage.;f

hollow10mm 01-27-2005 20:25

the 230 grain GD out performs all minimum requirments for Hand gun cartridges for S/D it more than doubles its size and penitrates 3.25 inches past what is considered "atequite". with that being said iam going to use 165 grain GD in my g-29 it will expand to 1.0 and penitrate 15.5 inches, but it takes a LITTLE longer to open up out of a g-29 compared to g-20

bac1023 01-27-2005 21:26

This data is the reason I carry the 135gr load. It should deposit most or all of its energy in the BG without overpenetration.

nickE10mm 01-27-2005 22:13


Originally posted by maximum
Mike, do you have any penetration results for the 200 gr BTB @1400 FPS?
i'll second that question!

mark77418 01-28-2005 09:37

These results are very impressive. The 200 grain XTP penetrated 19.5 inches. I think that is what I will use for carrying in the woods in my G20. Do you guys think that would be a good choice or do you think the 180 grain gold dot is better?

kestrou 01-28-2005 10:13


Originally posted by bac1023
This data is the reason I carry the 135gr load. I should deposit most or all of its energy in the BG without overpenetration.
I'm with you brother - thats what I'm packing right now too! ^c


hollow10mm 01-28-2005 13:16

go with the xtp.

Chainsaw Maniac 01-28-2005 23:59

In the woods? XTP for sure. McNett recommends it for animals up to 400 pounds. Gold Dot opens up too quickly as a hunting round.

Steve A 01-29-2005 07:19

Any pics?

sparky315 01-29-2005 15:23

Excellent, Mike! Are those .45 loadings standard pressure? I've never been a fan of bullets lighter than 230, but I might have to switch from the Ranger T to your 200-grain GD load.

Never mind on the pressure question, I looked at some other threads and found the answer.

PaleGreenHorse 01-30-2005 04:03

All this Gello talk should have made this thread "Sticky" by now. ^c

frank4570 01-30-2005 07:14

How are you guys getting 1400fps with a 200gr lead bullet. Is it simply because it is lead instead of jacketed? Is this a normal velocity for the doubletap ammo?

Sabot 23 01-30-2005 14:23

I would also like to see this thread stickied. Great-to-know info!:)

One surprizing detail, though: 165gr GD has better expansion than the 155gr load? Is this due to the petals peeling back farther on the 155s? Is it possible that at some point in the bullet's travel through the gelatine the 155gr GD actually had a greater expanded diameter, and then as it continued through the petals peeled back farther, in effect reducing thr final expanded diameter?

Or, to put it another way, is it possible that the 155gr loading may actually cut a broader wound channel and permanent cavity than the 165gr GD, at least through a portion of the "target". Do we know anything about the "wound channels" carved out by these loadings?

It seems to me that everyone should have a mag loaded with the 135gr and/or 155gr loads for inorganic barrier penetration, and a mag loaded with the 155gr and/or the 165gr loads for flesh and bone penetration. Or just have three mags handy, one with each load. The 10mm is truly the most versatile of all auto-pistol cartridges - awesome! Thanks again, McNett!!!;f

Tazz10m 01-30-2005 15:26

Hey... so i'm a little slow......;g


MCNETT 02-01-2005 00:06

Yes, the 155gr petals were "peeled back" further than the 165gr load.
The 200gr BTB travels at 1300fps from a G20. It penetrates 25" in pine boards.

JSK333 02-07-2005 14:13

Hey Mike, I posted in the other thread in Caliber Corner but don't know if you saw it.

Do you have results from the 90gr and 95gr 9x25 loadings?

Also, what about the 200gr FMJ and 220gr LFN 10mm loadings?

Thanks! You are quite an ammunition genius! :) I really believe you are reaping in business what you have been sowing freely here all these years on GlockTalk.

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