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MCNETT 01-20-2005 11:50

Concensus for favorite bullet weight in 44Mag?
I am curious, what is your favorite bullet weight in .44Mag?
Favorite type of bullet?

fnfalman 01-20-2005 11:53

This is not fair! I like both the 300-grainer AND 180-grainer.

Berto 01-20-2005 11:59


It's a nice round number.

ithaca_deerslayer 01-20-2005 12:09

I like semi-jacketed hollow point .240 grain.

ceemack 01-20-2005 14:02

Ummmm...wouldn't that depend on the purpose?

wanderinwalker 01-20-2005 14:23

240. It is was I use for all of my .44 Magnum and Special target and "play" loads. For hauling around on woods duty/hunting I might prefer a 275 or 300, but for all other chores the 240 is adequate.

MCNETT 01-20-2005 14:57


Ummmm...wouldn't that depend on the purpose?
Of course. I am just asking what you shoot the most of...or like to shoot the most.

Rabon 01-20-2005 15:00

I use a 320 Gr. cast.

a1b2c3 01-20-2005 17:16

I prefer 240 since all I hunt with my 629 are two legged predators.

surfinusa 01-20-2005 19:46

240 JSP

Mike357S 01-21-2005 11:22

I have two 44 mags...and they both keep Speer 240grainers in the cylinder. I also practice with 240gr rounds. So, for my purposes, the 240gr is great. It really all depends on what you intend to do with the round as to what bullet size would be your favorite.

bac1023 01-21-2005 15:36

I love shooting the 180gr. It shoots flat and velocity is high.

opossum 01-21-2005 18:26

I shoot 240gr. Winchester Jacketed Soft point in my Ruger Redhawk.

cactusman 01-23-2005 14:44


freepatriot 01-23-2005 15:43

Technically my fave is the 250 grain keith bullet but they're hard to find, so I settle for the 240 grainers. I buy mine from Meister. $40 for 500 of 'em.

freepatriot 01-23-2005 15:47

sheriff 54 01-26-2005 08:30

I use the 240, in Remington’s floral pattern JHP, in a hard cast SWC and sometimes in a JSP. I do two loads, one at about 1000 fps and the other is a bit warm. But I only use the 240's. Yes, I still have some 180's, they are hot but I am stuck on the 240's... You will find a place that is good for you.;a

MCNETT 01-26-2005 23:41

Keep 'em coming! I want everyone to vote, I am trying to get a concensus of as many .44 fans as possible.

jesse485 01-27-2005 14:36

Does this mean we can look for a Double Tap .44 load? I would certainly be interested.

DocH 01-29-2005 07:31

Always preferred the 240gr. for an all around load.
Years ago,when I still reloaded,I used a 240gr.Hornady half jacket soft point.Put a few deer on the ground with it.

bachchoy 01-29-2005 07:33


all good!

SCmasterblaster 01-30-2005 05:21

210gr WC
I use a home-cast 210-gr flat-base wadcutter bullet ahead of 7.5 grains of HTG. 1150 fps, very accurate out of my 6-inch M629, and a great pin-killer. I suppose it would work well in the field at higher velcities.

TED 01-31-2005 10:58

I would use .44 mag for large animal defense and hunting so I voted for the 300gr. However, 240 would be my second choice and it is what I acutally have been using in my .44 rifle. I shoot .44 mag from an old Ruger tube fed carbine.


khillery 02-03-2005 21:25

270 Gold Dot Speer factory loads
Speer factory Gold Dot 270 gr.
The velocity is 1250 I believe. I found that this load will shoot to just a shade over two inches at 100 yds benched. I have done this all three times that I shot at that distance.
The revolver is an 8 1/2 inch "Realtree" Anaconda wearing a small Tasco 2000 red dot. [I also have one on my G-36].
Interestingly enough, the groups at fifty and seventy five are not much smaller....some folks say that bullets sometimes "go to sleep" on the way to the target and will perform like that.
I took one smaller deer with it at sixty five yards, about two inches low and two inches behind the elbow of the front leg. The deer went down and never regained its feet. The bullet was recovered from the ground behind and showed very little expansion.
That load is also the best I can find for Clements Custom .44 Ruger Blackhawk also, but only 1 1/2 in at 25 yds with open sights.:)

akbound 02-04-2005 08:23

My choice is a 240 grain bullet of some type (depending upon specific purpose) for deer/men and smaller. A 300-330 grain hard cast bullet is used for everything bigger. Velocities may be varied to suit individual purpose as well. Usually plinking fodder is a 240 grain cast lead to a little less than 1000 fps, doubles for head shooting small game as well. Never had a rabbit walk away yet ;) !

Keeping it fairly simple! :)


P.S. It is not normally my choice for defense against two-legged predators.

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