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TomV 04-30-2004 22:21

NoVA Glock armorers
Can anyone recommend a Glock armorer in the NoVA area? Everything's running fine, but I'd like to be proactive about maintenance.



vafish 05-01-2004 06:29

I don't know if he's an official armorer or not, But TRNinVA's younger son can detail strip a glock faster than anyone I've ever known. He used to shoot a G34 in USPSA and did plenty of tinkering with it. He's actually out west past Front Royal, but if you went out to one of the monthly USPSA matches out that way you could probably hook up with him.

1*45 05-02-2004 06:19

NoVa Glock armorer
Hi shooters,
I am a Glock certified armorer and instructor but not in retail. I am still employed by a 24/7 outfit which i support. I can help a few who need it after hours. I am in the Front Royal area during my off time. Work takes me into Quantico/Springfield area. If you have questions or need help let me know.

k4rch 05-02-2004 07:40

Hansohn Brothers in Culpeper.

cowboywannabe 05-02-2004 11:13

i think this would be a good sticky note thread, moderators???

wont get lost in the shuffle, always at the top for referals......

who knows, i may want a ny trigger or night sights one day and a local pro is less expensive than a trip to the factory.....

this is turning into a grade A club house.

Patricia 05-02-2004 16:52

Done :)

mayberrypd 05-03-2004 07:00

Bonk and myself are in the Roanoke area.

DannyR 05-12-2004 06:57

I'm in the Roanoke area, but there will be factory armorers at the GSSF Match in Waldorf, MD this weekend, May 15-16, free labor and any necessary parts. Map at

RandySmith 05-22-2004 20:32

I am in the Staunton area.


Mr. Slithers 08-28-2004 22:33

Joey at Blue Ridge. If he's not in a cast.

Chopper Dave 10-11-2004 00:36

I've got a Glock sight installation tool so I can help people out in that area. I'm in Fairfax city (near FHS).

I'm also really familiar with detail stripping, so if you need a new trigger bar dropped in or whatever, feel freel to shoot me a message.

Not a certified Glock armorer, but I've got five of them and I keep 'em running pretty well. :)

polymer 10-21-2004 14:52

Im an Armorer in the Southern MD area...just a 30 min drive to the rt 301 bridge into NoVA.

a1911owner 12-21-2004 21:32


Originally posted by Mr. Slithers
Joey at Blue Ridge. If he's not in a cast.
Joey is no longer here at Blue Ridge, mainly due to health reasons.

I am now the armorer, and just got my Glock certification (waiting for the actual certificate now), and I am also Sig certified.

Just ask for Tim.

gmshtr 12-24-2004 23:04

I'd be glad to help you. I'm a certified Glock Armorer, and would be willing to meet you at my shop -Shooters Paradise in Woodbridge, VA. Directions and info can be found at

I can also be emailed at

I work on Glocks every week, as well, for my police dept. I could clean it out and check it for you in a matter of minutes. Glad to help.

Phil Strader

buddyRoland 06-09-2005 20:58

Please delete.

SocomCen 12-25-2005 20:45

Brett Simon and me (Robb Jensen) at VA Arms are certified Glock armorers.

Glockman67 12-26-2005 19:18

Sweet Robb, now I can order parts from ya ;f


oomph 12-17-2006 21:13

I know John Hansen at Alpha & Omega Gun Works is a glock armorer.

He's located in Alexandria, VA

his email is

I've seen him around at the Gun Shows gotten some trigger mods from him before.

packrat213 04-03-2007 19:33

I'm in Leesburg if anyone needs help. Just drop a line to

rifle-cop624 04-16-2007 17:58

Renewed my cert last Thursday, 4/12/07.

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