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razdog76 10-29-2013 21:44

It was a great day today!
After briefing, the Chief firearms instructor called me over to ask me if I still wanted to purchase one of the agency owned guns they just sold back to Vance's... I said sure! He tells me I have the last G23, and would have to be there tonight by closing time to get it at cost ($215+tax). He also told me he kept the mags for the guns without boxes in the armory, so they wouldn't get "lost."

I was tickled to be able to add a G23 to the G22 and G27 in my collection, but to top it off the gun is in fantastic shape for being made in 1993 (ARZxxx), not a scratch in the plastic, no holster marks on the slide. Too bad the 20 year old night sights are dim... :supergrin:

Kadetklapp 10-29-2013 23:08

Good deal.

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Newcop761 10-30-2013 01:29

Glad you could round out the set. Nice catch!

CJStudent 10-30-2013 07:06

I wish we could buy our old duty weapons, but they destroy them, unfortunately.... :crying:

seanmac45 10-30-2013 07:07

Nice snag!

Enjoy it.

razdog76 10-30-2013 07:34

Pics, or it didn't happen right?

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