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Marshal TJ Buckshot 10-29-2013 15:46

G30Gen4 / G30S grip size
Does anyone know the difference in grip size between the G30 Gen4 with no added blackstrap, and the G30S? I keep getting conflicting information from multiple local gun stores.

Is the Gen4 grip with no added blackstrap any smaller than the regular Gen3 grip size?

Inebriated 10-29-2013 16:10

The G30S comes with the SF frame, which is 2mm shorter front-to-back, than the standard G30 frame.

The G30 Gen 4, naked, comes with what Glock claims to be an SF-sized frame, and +2mm and +4mm backstraps. Glock probably knows better than I, but the Gen 4 30 frame feels just a hair smaller than the SF frames.

But for all practical purposes, G30S has the SF frame which is the same as the naked Gen 4 frame.

Marshal TJ Buckshot 10-29-2013 16:26

Thank you!

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