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WmHBonney 10-08-2013 19:19

Add a word, ruin a movie
I don't know if this has been done here before but a local radio station did this earlier today...for example, Finding Nemo and Finding Nemo DEAD, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Charlie SHEEN and the Chocolate Factory. What can you come up with?

Angry Fist 10-08-2013 19:20

The Anchorman Nude!

*ASH* 10-08-2013 19:26

Driving over Miss Daisy

*ASH* 10-08-2013 19:29

Zombieland Closed

tsmo1066 10-08-2013 19:36

Retired Outlaw Josey Wales

dryfly 10-08-2013 19:37

How To Train Your Pocket Dragon.

Von Hayes 10-08-2013 19:39

Play Mambo #5 for me.

vart 10-08-2013 19:43

Jurassic Trailer Park

smokeross 10-08-2013 19:46

Paint Your Wagon Pink.

*ASH* 10-08-2013 19:46

Remo Williams

Star map wars

the empire strikes back later

Saturday Night scarlet fever

The Maggy 10-08-2013 19:46

Added word is in the ()...

What's Eating Gilbert Grape('s Body)

(Jefferson) Starship Troopers.

(Sissy) Fight Club

The (uncomfortable) Silence of the Lambs.

Pretty (average) Woman

(Titty) Twister

Hamburger (Helper) Hill

We Were (Not) Soldiers

I'll probably come up with some more here in a minute.

Altaris 10-08-2013 19:48

A friend of mine did this on facebook. 400 posts later, and almost 90% of them had 'anal' put somewhere in a movie title.

RyanSBHF 10-08-2013 19:49

Sex Toy Story

Rizzo 10-08-2013 19:50

The Marathon Running Man

I win, two movies in one! :cool:

dryfly 10-08-2013 19:50

Pacific Rim Job

*ASH* 10-08-2013 19:50

Blue Lagoon polluted
I know what you did to that goat last summer
Fast times at Ridgemont High the musical

Z71bill 10-08-2013 19:55

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Kidney Stone

dizmodeus 10-08-2013 19:59

Wells Fargo

*ASH* 10-08-2013 19:59

The 40 year old virgin with herpes
Knocked up again
Beat the Parents
theres something about mary kate

dizmodeus 10-08-2013 20:01

Tombstone pizza

Z71bill 10-08-2013 20:05

Cool Hand Job Luke

*ASH* 10-08-2013 20:06

The Princess bride died
the Godfather pizza
Fight seal Club

Sundog 10-08-2013 20:08

The Lord of the Ringworms

Z71bill 10-08-2013 20:08

Gone with the Breaking Wind

vart 10-08-2013 20:08

Smokey Bear and the Bandit

Toy Poodle Story

Full Metal Dinner Jacket

TV Shows:

Breaking Wind Bad

Dukes of Bio-Hazard

Fantasy Football Island

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