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countrybiggen 08-26-2013 19:00

Complete new fella from Michigan
I'm completely new to handguns , I'm looking at buying either the Glock20 or 20C. I'm just trying to be as much of a sponge as possible.

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ithaca_deerslayer 08-26-2013 19:33

Welcome to GT.

If you are just looking for opinions, I'd like to get a 10mm Glock but it is down my list so hasn't happened yet. Got the 26 for a concealed carry gun, and the 17 for a range gun. Both of those in 9mm.

I already have revolvers in .44mag and .357mag for hunting.

For your first handgun you may want a less powerful caliber to get the hang of it and do a lot of target shooting, no?

I joined the NRA, have you yet?

glowrod 08-26-2013 20:09

Welcome aboard fellow Michigander!
A G19 is a great first choice. Shoot it, shoot it, shoot it........
Before you now it you'll have a half dozen more Glocks.

countrybiggen 08-26-2013 20:12

What steel is the Glock made from? American or German?

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bac1023 08-26-2013 21:24


janice6 08-26-2013 21:46

Welcome to GT.

skeeter7 08-26-2013 22:51


mymini40 08-27-2013 17:36

Welcome to the forum!

Glock40man 08-27-2013 21:03

Welcome to GT!

steve1911 08-27-2013 22:07



oily_oink 08-28-2013 08:50

:welcome: From Roseville, Michigan!

pipedreams 08-28-2013 16:00

:welcome: Enjoy GT....................

Sigobsessed 08-29-2013 20:32


countrybiggen 08-31-2013 23:23

Is there any other folks from Michigan on this forum site

Hej Hej 09-01-2013 19:34

Welcome from Missouri!!!!!

ca survivor 09-06-2013 12:33


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