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railfancwb 07-10-2013 00:13

Open carry caused this...

silentpoet 07-10-2013 02:00

Yeah I hear the same guy fell for it 7 times this week.

Hondo341 07-10-2013 02:19

"suspects have been identified "

I'll bet she has.......the line-up should be interesting!!

Dennis in MA 07-10-2013 11:23

:rofl: That's classic. What a moron.

janice6 07-10-2013 12:01

Maybe at 54 years old the $1200 was a good trade.

willie_pete 07-10-2013 14:13

There but for the grace of God.....


Bruce M 07-10-2013 15:00


jpa 07-10-2013 15:06

Some people might voluntarily pay for that kind of show. No need to steal. ;)

Adjuster 07-10-2013 15:21

Thats classic. I would consider it money well spent. Maybe even invite her over for another go at it if I had the cash. Heck I have been taken for more then that and I didn't even get the show. This is all without saying she must be at least somewhat attractive.


Buki192327 07-10-2013 15:35

It never fails! :shocked: :rofl:

Geeorge 07-10-2013 15:46

Note to self,

Lock up the house , set the alarm, put gun in pocket ,and get video camera before letting a strange woman swim nude in your pool


G22Dude 07-10-2013 16:26

This guy obviously watched too many porn flicks and thought this was going somewhere

railfancwb 07-10-2013 19:55


Originally Posted by G22Dude (Post 20446655)
This guy obviously watched too many porn flicks and thought this was going somewhere

It did. Out the front door with his money.

Peace Warrior 07-10-2013 20:52

His mistake was the tunnel vision while staying abreast of the situation in the back yard and pool, but not in the house.

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