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TBO 07-09-2013 19:12

Padding posts

How'd I do? :tbo:

ArtificialGrape 07-09-2013 19:13


Bruce M 07-09-2013 19:14


Green Mountain Boy 07-09-2013 19:15


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Joshhtn 07-09-2013 19:16

You did well! :rofl:

wjv 07-09-2013 19:19

five for one!

Kevinr20 07-09-2013 19:23

Yes, but what do YOU think about it?

elliotb33 07-09-2013 19:28

I lol'd hard

OldSchool64 07-09-2013 19:32


Kichigai 07-09-2013 19:33


Originally Posted by TBO (Post 20444079)


jtmac 07-09-2013 19:35

*golf clap*

caraker0341 07-09-2013 19:36

You done did win duh inturnetz for da day.

spork 07-09-2013 19:44

I think I need a synopsis of the content.

Lone_Wolfe 07-09-2013 20:08


Originally Posted by TBO (Post 20444079)

I don't know, is your pecker bigger now? :whistling: :supergrin:

Steel Head 07-09-2013 20:22

caraker0341 07-09-2013 20:29

When you go from pinwheel to Apache, ya done good.

Helicopter, helicopter, helicopter!!!!!!

(No graphic was available that was appropriate)

silentpoet 07-09-2013 20:34

Still no replacement for Okie.:crying:

23LS1 07-09-2013 20:34

That's funny!!!

caraker0341 07-09-2013 20:39


Originally Posted by silentpoet (Post 20444352)
Still no replacement for Okie.:crying:

And there never will be.

Let us be thankful we were graced by their presence and only mourn for those who never had the blessing of their acquaintance.

When I lost a brother and a sister in the same year this is the thought that carried me through. I hope it can be of some use to you and all who are grieving.

RWBlue 07-09-2013 22:20


Originally Posted by TBO (Post 20444079)

You did, well.

Pepiot 07-09-2013 22:22


itstime 07-09-2013 22:24

Good one for sure.

janice6 07-09-2013 22:42

It's a good post. You made a good pun.

However, it make me cry to see how determined we are to try to protect idiots from themselves.

Altaris 07-09-2013 22:56


Originally Posted by TBO (Post 20444079)

I'm happy to see that you typed something in the body of the post and not just in the title. Though you could have used a longer and better description of the picture, and let us know in detail what your thoughts are on it.

bobby_w 07-09-2013 23:04

How about a giant Post-It® Pad...

It is even named properly.

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