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Glock3819 07-09-2013 14:18

Look what I picked up today
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Glock 30S had them in stock at 2nd Amendment arms in Windham,NH $559.00. Haven't shot it yet, but feels really good in hand. BTW yes it was unloaded!!! :wavey:

Peppy 07-09-2013 14:24

This is on my short list to pick up.

MattDFW 07-09-2013 19:10

Looks great! Hoping to pick one up shortly.

bac1023 07-09-2013 19:10

Congrats on the G30S.

Glock3819 07-09-2013 19:13

Thanks. Can't wait to put some rounds through it.

Joshhtn 07-09-2013 19:18

Congrats to you!!

THEPOPE 07-09-2013 19:35

congrats....but....HOW you gonna shoot it without bullets ? ?

We still can't get 'em here...22lr ? nope

45ACP ? no

9m parabellum ? naw.

10 m ? none to b found.

I am out :cool:

yfdcap 07-09-2013 19:44

Grats. Still waiting here.

JLeòdhas 07-09-2013 20:10

Congrats, love those big bore 45s.

MikeG36 07-09-2013 20:19

Awesome! Congrats!! :thumbsup::thumbsup:

Boot Stomper 07-09-2013 21:56

Great gun. I did not realize the 30s was not on a Gen 4 frame.

whymista1775 07-09-2013 22:03


I just picked up a gen4 G23 in OD for 539.00

itstime 07-09-2013 22:06

Congrats. Great gun.

glock2740 07-09-2013 22:11

Congrats! That's my next Glock.

Roger G23 07-09-2013 22:22

Congrats. Was thinking about one but picked up an OD green G19 instead.

cadillacguns 07-10-2013 03:33

You lucky dog, none to be had in Central Indiana.

Glock3819 07-10-2013 04:27


Originally Posted by cadillacguns (Post 20444918)
You lucky dog, none to be had in Central Indiana.

Thanks. Believe it or not I made a bunch of calls to four dealers and he was the only one who had one left and it just came in by UPS.

NailShooter 07-10-2013 05:48

I love mine, hope you like yours too. It just seems too small for 10 or 11 rds of 45 to be inside.......

dregotglock 07-10-2013 06:38

Very nice pick up. The 30s is on my short list of next firearms.

greatwun 07-10-2013 07:54


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