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LWD Armorer 06-12-2013 13:12

LWD's Custom Shop
LWD 10MM Long Slide with Digital Camo Engraving

OEM 17 Slide with LWD 17 Threaded barrel, Digital Camo Engraving

Machined Slides

Eric 06-12-2013 13:14

Very nice stuff, Dan. I really like the digital camo.

LWD Armorer 06-12-2013 13:15

Thanks Eric

LWD Armorer 06-12-2013 13:16

Custom Engraving for Customer

Engraved Slide Cover Plate for Customer

Plug Engraving

Comp Engraving

LWD Armorer 06-12-2013 13:18

Crown Engraving

ShotGun Engraving

Complete Glock Engraving & Mag

Flame Job

Combat Cut with Custom Engraving

Archer-one 06-12-2013 13:31

That first one looks awfully familiar!

Pepiot 06-12-2013 13:35

That camo 26 or 27 or 33 is freakn nice.

LWD Armorer 06-12-2013 13:38


Originally Posted by Eric (Post 20368847)
Very nice stuff, Dan. I really like the digital camo.

It was difficult to get the colors from the engraver. A lot of time was was spent after hours figuring it out. Worth the time invested though. I think the colors on the stainless and OEM slides came out nice.

LWD Armorer 06-12-2013 13:52


Originally Posted by Pepiot (Post 20368898)
That camo 26 or 27 or 33 is freakn nice.

That is a Glock 27. A buddy of mine asked if I could engrave a complete Glock? I said I have never done that before but willing to try. A few hours on a Sat. morning was all it took. The lower is completely engraved everywhere! Set up time was the worse.

Same day we ended up engraving his Advantage Arms .22 upper to match. We blasted off the black finish and started engraving.

LWD Armorer 06-12-2013 13:53

1911 Engraving

AR Engraving

LWD Armorer 06-12-2013 13:54

Film Dip

Barrel Engraving

Very Custom

LWD Armorer 06-12-2013 14:14

More Machined Slides

LWD Armorer 06-12-2013 14:21

More Engraved Slides

LWD Armorer 06-12-2013 14:24

Other Engraving

LWD Armorer 06-12-2013 14:31

Comp Engraving


More Barrel Engraving

More Engraved Slides

LWD Armorer 06-12-2013 14:32

More Machined Slides

Glock 18

LWD Armorer 06-17-2013 11:43

First ever
LWD stainless slide, machined, and engraved with digital camo.

jdsumner 06-17-2013 19:13

I got nuthin'.
Just "Wow".
That, er ... those, are just impressive.


tango44 06-17-2013 20:07

I want a slide for my G26! Great job!

WarEagle 1 06-18-2013 00:56

Nice work on the digital!! Best I've seen so far.

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