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HerrGlock 05-14-2013 18:20

Florida just clamped down on 'gun rights'

fastbolt 05-14-2013 18:27

If only it were as simple as some folks would like the rest of us to think. :upeyes:

Unfortunately, as is often rediscovered time and again, the devil is in the details.

Also, words mean things, and sometimes they're used in ways that make using "common sense" a bit difficult and challenging. :whistling:

badge315 05-14-2013 18:28

More objective journalism from the Orlando Slantinel. :upeyes:

Slug71 05-14-2013 20:20

Better not. I'm moving to Orlando soon.

Citadel15L 05-14-2013 22:50

I'm from Orlando. That newspaper is a joke.

AKR 05-14-2013 23:24

Any more, when someone tells me something is "common sense", I automatically know it is not.

BenjiEDF 05-14-2013 23:39

"Part of the reason is that we elect cowards and simpletons — politicians unwilling to stand up to extremists and not smart enough to think for themselves."

I think this sentence summed up the whole argument. You guys are smart enough to analyze what this boot licker is asking for so I won't bother. /spit

Spiffums 05-15-2013 05:26

It's just common sense that you all should send me all your ammo and mags because its for the children!

Jim85IROC 05-15-2013 11:39

so this moron thinks that the problem is that the media is giving equal coverage to both sides.

So the real answer to our problems is to only have the media selectively report on those things in which we support. Got it.

F'in moron.

FloridaGun 05-15-2013 11:42

We here in Florida call it the "Orlando Slantnell" for a reason!!

wolf19r 05-16-2013 08:06

I don't like listening to all their garbage so I want to take away your first amendment. You must be mentally ill to spew it in the first place. It will make me feel safer and be happier that I will not have to listen to people spew this @#$%. Just replace guns,firearms, etc with speech, speak, etc.

pizza_pablo 05-16-2013 12:19

What a TOOL!
"Quinnipiac University's respected polling institute"????
Really???? NO,THEY'RE NOT BIASED, AT ALL!!! :upeyes::upeyes::upeyes:

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