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RDW 05-03-2013 15:25

Is there a Program that.......
will allow me to Backup ALL of my Software & Data?

audiomechanic 05-03-2013 15:42


Originally Posted by RDW (Post 20243751)
will allow me to Backup ALL of my Software & Data?

Imaging software like Norton Ghost, Clonezilla, dd in Linux, etc

Sent from my orifice.

RDW 05-08-2013 18:10


Originally Posted by audiomechanic (Post 20243806)
imaging software like norton ghost, clonezilla, dd in linux, etc

sent from my orifice.

thank you!

Don H 05-09-2013 00:28

Macrium free is very good and probably the simplest of them all. Paragon and clonezilla are also good.

jdeere_man 05-09-2013 20:36

acronis? assuming you have windows, most versions have some backup functionality built in. Windows 7, windows 8 you can make an entire image from the OS itself without additional software needed.

Bushflyr 05-09-2013 22:15


Badger56 05-12-2013 07:22

Try Carbonite Online backup. It is a painless way to accomplish the chore

Merlin40 05-15-2013 07:04

I used Carbonite for some time. Didn't care for it. Want a stable back up? I use a 1TB external USB from Seagate. I back everything up once a week. The drive is about the size of a wallet, and if SHTF, I don't have to rely on the internet.

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