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Rabbi 04-30-2013 21:37

Anyone here not drink at all?
THIS IS A NO JUDGEMENT THREAD!!! People state their reason and that is that, whatever it may be.

Is there anyone here who doesnt drink at all?

Would you mind telling us why?

JAS104 04-30-2013 21:40

I do drink...

I know BEER quit recently... Almost drove drunk. He quit. Hope he's doin okay. I know it ain't easy.

I don't drink heavily, but I enjoy a beer or bourbon. I know it doesn't answer your question OP, sorry!

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Ohio Cop 04-30-2013 21:42

I drank enough to kill a small village when I was in college.

I kept keystone light and coors in business probably...I drank sociably and it never affected my work or my schooling.

That being said: I don't care to lose control of myself. Just not really all that into it now. I barely drink now, I might have a Corona or a Sam Adams when I'm on vacation or at the beach and that's it so a few beers a year. I see what the effects of alcohol do to people through my work and I'm good.

There is an open invitation to all friends and family members: if you're going to drink and need a ride, my phone is always on.

Marine123 04-30-2013 21:43

I don't drink because I get violent so i gave it up.

OldSchool64 04-30-2013 21:43

I was just thinkin'... Don't you know BEER???

JAS104 04-30-2013 21:49


Originally Posted by OldSchool64 (Post 20235582)
I was just thinkin'... Don't you know BEER???

Seriously, I support him. What he's going through is near impossible. 25 years of drinking and quitting cold turkey... His body is rebelling on him right now. I can't imagine the stuff he's dealing with.

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NeverMore1701 04-30-2013 21:52

I don't drink it all, I can't afford to.

Oh, you said at. Sorry.


Diesel McBadass 04-30-2013 21:54

too many awesome drinks out there to still discover!

gjk5 04-30-2013 21:57

life is too short to stay sober all the time.

Dan_ntx 04-30-2013 21:57

As of a couple of years ago I no longer drink at all. I drank socially from 18 to 40, beer and wine, and was a bartender for almost 5 years. I just never developed a taste for it and decided it was easier to just say "I don't drink" than try to nurse a warm beer or tote around a glass of wine at social events so people would stop offering. I decided when I turned 40 that It just wasn't something that I I would stop trying.

From 18 to my late 20s I tried to be a drinker... I was able to go get drunk, but never able to hang out and drink a few and enjoy it. Especially liquor...I tried every type and brand I could think of but it just isn't for me. More power to you guys (and gals) that can enjoy it, you can divide my share equally.

So far my life hasn't changed at all. People still offer me drinks and I still politely decline.

Mushinto 04-30-2013 21:58

I very rarely drink. I do not like to be drunk, do not need it to give me courage, do not need it to make me relax, do not need it to make me cool and do not need it to make me forget anything.

I do not like the feeling of not being in control or having my normal facilities impaired.

Most of my family were non or rare drinkers. Some say there is a gene for alcoholism and I guess we do not have it.

Sharky7 04-30-2013 21:58

I drink pretty infrequently...just about a half a dozen times a year. I only drink when getting together with friends, sharing some conversation or catching up over a few beverages. Or bars!

I keep pretty busy with work, volunteer projects, family, etc. Don't want to be playing catch up on my days off with feeling gross from drinking the night before.

JAS104 04-30-2013 21:59

GTDS has arrived, lol. Hide the women!

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Joshhtn 04-30-2013 22:02

I don't drink at all... I did occasionally to unwind or to let loose after a long day at work, but since starting my own business, I just don't have a need for it anymore.

DreamWeaver88 04-30-2013 22:02

I don't drink, other than a beer and a shot a couple of times a year when I visit my family in Canada, but that's it.

I've gotten drunk more than a few times in my teen years, and each time I really didn't like the it never stuck with me.

devildog2067 04-30-2013 22:03

I'm enjoying a Rittenhouse Manhattan as I type this, as a matter of fact.

I don't drink regularly but I do enjoy a cold beer or a good cocktail now and then.

racer11 04-30-2013 22:06

One of my X girl friend's was a drinker and alcoholic. I just remember the drunkend evenings at home all the time and fights associate with her drinking anything she could afford.

Those memories make me never to want to drink anything with alcohol in it.

NeverMore1701 04-30-2013 22:06


Originally Posted by JAS104 (Post 20235629)
GTDS has arrived, lol. Hide the women!

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Not just the women. Some of these guys aren't, uh, discriminating.

427 04-30-2013 22:07

I don't. The last time I got drunk was August 9, 1995

I did all my drinking in the years just after high school and I just had enough. I decided it wasn't going to be my thing.

I'll have an occasional drink like for new years, but that's it.

JAS104 04-30-2013 22:10


Originally Posted by NeverMore1701 (Post 20235649)
Not just the women. Some of these guys aren't, uh, discriminating.

I forgot about Ronny

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