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bush pilot 04-21-2013 08:35

Wireless printer advice
I'm in the market for a wireless printer that can be used when using a laptop, IPAD or Iphone. I doubt it will used more than 10-15 times a month and I don't need it to be capable of printing in color. Also, it must be easy to set up at the start. Any thoughts from the computers geeks around here? Thanks.

boozer 04-21-2013 08:42

I don't print from my Ipad, but I've heard it is much simpler if the printer is an "Air Print" enabled model.

Resqu2 04-21-2013 08:49

Lots of the Cannon printers are Air Print compatable, love mine plus it's a scanner and copier.

Cinic 04-21-2013 09:01

We have a Brother wireless laser printer/AIO that's been incredibly stable and trouble free. Although I can't attest to its Apple compatibility.

HerrGlock 04-21-2013 09:05

I've got this one. Brother HL-2270DW

I use it with an almost totally Apple network. Works great and all the computers see it immediately.

With all the $ off coupons and with it on sale at Best Buy I picked it up for $20 so I couldn't argue with that either.

Dennis in MA 04-21-2013 09:07

Ditto to Herr. Works just fine. But I don't think it's AirPrint.

TBO 04-21-2013 09:07

HP has wireless printers that allow you to print from mobile devices.

boozer 04-21-2013 09:08

I print rarely, it was always frustrating to have an ink cartridge with little use, dry up between uses and have to be replaced.

I now have a laser printer, it has to warm up, but I feel I get better service a from toner based system

NAS T MAG 04-21-2013 09:11


Originally Posted by TBO (Post 20207251)
HP has wireless printers that allow you to print from mobile devices.

Yep and from all our computers. Two laptops & two desktops. The app on my iPhone is Printer Pro.

M&P Guy 04-21-2013 09:55

We have had an HP 8500 for years. No dropped connections, easy on ink and works with WinTel and OSX. Newer versions work with IOS.

TBO 04-21-2013 10:28


Originally Posted by M&P Guy (Post 20207375)
We have had an HP 8500 for years. No dropped connections, easy on ink and works with WinTel and OSX. Newer versions work with IOS.

I have one too, got it for it's low per page print cost. Can print to it from my Android phones too.

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tarpleyg 04-21-2013 13:41

I had a similar dilemma. Went with the Epson XP200 (I think that's the model) and it's been great.

Old School 04-21-2013 13:57

This from somebody who swore off HP printers forever...the HP 8600 Plus has been flawless. Parents of my kids friends have called and asked about it, after the kids have printed projects. We print from a Windows desktop, mac and windows laptops, android and mac phones and tablets. Printing from draft mode is better than letter quality on other printers.

Whatever you buy, assign it a static ip address outside dhcp range. And I'd buy it from somewhere like Costco that doubles the mfgr warranty.

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Stlbrian 04-21-2013 13:59

As big of an Apple fan I am, I have struggled to get AirPrint to work well on a number of "Air print compatible" printers.
Apple's bonjour service (how they get driverless printing to work on IOS devices) is kind of picky, so it is crucial that your router plays nice with it. Most Uverse equipment works from my experience, Dlink is very hit or miss, and my Netgear (WNDR 3700) has been flawless. Google your router and "AirPrint" and see what comes back.

I have a Epson printer, and have had great luck with it. It is an Artisan 730. Epson ( and I am sure others as well, HP does I know) makes an app for IOS to turn any printer into an Airprinter. It is called Iprint, and is available for free in the App store

So before you get an Airprint compatible printer, check your router for compatibility, if it passes pick out an Airprint printer. If it does not get a printer whose manufacturer makes a printing app for IOS.

Good luck, happy printing!!

Kevin108 04-21-2013 14:08

After having tried everything over the years, the two Canon printers I've owned have been the best.

Hawkeye16 04-21-2013 19:31

I have to say Epson as well. I have the workforce 845. Found it on sale for $150 and its been flawless with all apple and non apple devices.

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Gregg702 04-21-2013 19:36

We recently picked this one up:

Once it was set up, it worked with our laptop and all our i devices perfectly.

Billy10mm 04-22-2013 11:13

There are plenty of excellent printers out on the market. My only advice to you is, if you are going to print infrequently, as I do, make it a laser printer and not an inkjet. Nozzles tend to get clogged from lack-of-use. My laser, used a few times per month, has never needed a test print, calibration, or any other form of "freshening up" after periods of inactivity. For the record, I'm using a Brother wireless printer.

Aragorn77 04-22-2013 11:18

Another vote for the Brother HL-2270DW. Our house is currently Windows only, but all four computers can wirelessly access this printer with no problem. Set up required a temporary hardwired connection and the rest was easy.

yellolab 04-22-2013 14:59

I bought a HP 6700 wireless printer on black friday, direct from HP, for $99. It's a scanner also.
Works great printing with my ipad, iphone, Dell laptop for work, and the wifes Imac.

Printer cartridges are replaced by individual color as well, so when back is dry- you replace the black cartridge only.


HerrGlock 04-22-2013 15:21

Oh, just one more truism for me. I will never again buy an inkjet/deskjet printer. Ink dries up between uses and for some you cannot even print with what is there. Lasers, including colour, are no longer price prohibitive. You can find what you're looking for in a B/W laser for less than $100.

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