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Cole125 04-20-2013 16:26

Bobro Aimpoint mounts?
Anyone have experience with Bobro Aimpoint mounts? I am looking to get a cantilever mount for my Aimpoint Pro with absolute co-witness, and this looks like my only option.

Opinions, pics, ect. Thanks. :wavey:

This is the mount I am thinking of getting:

WoodenPlank 04-20-2013 16:45

Any particular reason you want true cowitness instead of lower third?

If you can live with lower cowitness, I'd go LaRue. The LT-129 will hold an extra battery, and the latch design is more rugged. If I remember right, there's a small spring inside the Bobro latch that can fail, and renders the entire mount useless if it does.

Cole125 04-20-2013 17:21

Plank- Why I want/need a absolute co-witness mount is because I have a Aimpoint magnifier with a LaRue LT755 (short) FTS mount on my rifle which only works with absolute co-witness hight optics.

If I got the LaRue cantilever mount, LT-129, I would also have to buy the "high" LT755 magnifier mount. That is $350+ in mounts right there, so I would rather spend $150 on the Bobro if its "just as good, or almost as good" as the LaRue.

Anyone have a Bobro mount they would comment on?

MrMurphy 04-20-2013 21:25

What Plank said. If the Bobro spring breaks, you're screwed.

My data is a bit old but I believe LT makes an absolute cowitness mount now because there was enough demand. I still prefer the 129, but that's me.

Cole125 04-20-2013 23:01

Sounds like I should spend the money and get the LaRue mounts. Buy once, cry once.

vettely 04-20-2013 23:40


Originally Posted by Cole125 (Post 20206456)
Sounds like I should spend the money and get the LaRue mounts. Buy once, cry once.

And you can stock up on Dillo Dust :eat:

BenjiEDF 04-21-2013 00:00

Dear Larue Tactical: :iloveyou:



Cole125 04-21-2013 13:17


Originally Posted by vettely (Post 20206519)
And you can stock up on Dillo Dust :eat:

Now there is a excuse to get some more LaRue mounts, my Dillo Dust is running low. Darn good on steaks! :cool:

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