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Louisville Glocker 03-03-2013 07:54

Bulls Fans - Courtside....
If you're not a Chicago Bulls fan, this might be boring. But a fun week for me. Gatlinburg with the GF last weekend, then up to Chicago to see Da Bulls, courtside seats.


We got VIP parking (with special entrance even, by Jordan's statue), then checked out D Rose shooting. I talked to a photographer, and he had been dunking before they let the public in. The photog said he is looking really good, and better every day. His shooting was solid (about 75% from three point range).

Great game...blah blah...(Noah had an historic triple double, Bulls won). Here's some video....(D Rose footage you won't find anywhere else, because I shot it). P.S. those cheerleaders are tiny little things, but they're darn nice to have practically in your lap.

OkieTC 03-03-2013 07:58

Man, I can't wait to have D. Rose back! Bulls have been good without him, but they can be great with him.

Louisville Glocker 03-03-2013 08:03

Sorry, those pix didn't click for the vids, so I had to put the links below them.

Yeah, I think he's still a couple weeks away, but I betcha he comes back this season. The NBA game is just so tough that I know he doesn't want to come back before he's ready. I don't know if we can get by the Heat, and especially not without him all better. Problem is, is that it'll take weeks or months of real game action to get him up to speed. So this season may just not work for Da Bulls.....not enough time left. But we'll see. He could definitely be out there playing.

Louisville Glocker 03-03-2013 10:54

Surprised there aren't more Bulls fans out there! These clips are from Thursday before they beat the 76'ers. You won't see 'em anywhere else (from my camera).

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