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G23Gen4.40 03-02-2013 17:11

Photo gurus
Is there away to take the white lettering from the Glock logo picture below and add it to the center the the other picture.

PointFourFive 03-02-2013 21:00

Lets see if I post the image correctly.

GLOCK19FTW 03-02-2013 21:08

lol good **** Point.. I was going to do it but then I scrolled down :)

G23Gen4.40 03-02-2013 21:51

Wow, that was fast. It looks great, thanks. How did you do it?

That is my new iPhone background.

Thanks again.

G23Gen4.40 03-02-2013 22:29

I am going to post this over it Gen. Glocking, others may like to use it also.

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