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treeguy 02-23-2013 18:32

New hand gun owner from Minnesota
Hello everyone. I am glad I found this site. I purchased a
Glock 19 Gen 4 about 5 weeks ago, or, should I say, I ordered it. Still waiting. I am planning on taking a course in a couple of weeks, since I really want to be an informed and responsible handgun owner, and I am a strong believer In Our 2nd amendment rights. I am looking forward to my new Glock, and learning from everyone here in this forum. Thanks.


bigmac85 02-23-2013 18:33

Welcome treeguy! And congrats on your new pistol!
Gonna have to post up some photos when you get it home.

bac1023 02-23-2013 18:58


skeeter7 02-23-2013 20:07


LASTRESORT20 02-23-2013 20:19

Welcome here!

RPVG 02-23-2013 23:18


Welcome aboard the Good Ship GlockTalk!


ca survivor 02-24-2013 13:28


pipedreams 02-24-2013 14:08

:welcome: Enjoy GT....................

mymini40 02-24-2013 18:17

Welcome to the forum!

glock_collector 02-25-2013 18:03

Hi from brainerd!!

treeguy 02-25-2013 19:04

Hey Brainerd---Thanks, always like it when I have a chance to get up in that area.

minnshooter 02-26-2013 22:15

Welcome from the southwest corner of MN!!

ithaca_deerslayer 02-26-2013 22:22

Hmm, the OP is saying all the right things. But I don't know, he could still be a Packers fan :)

I joined the NRA, have you yet?

TnGlocker12 02-27-2013 15:14

Congratulations on the pending Glock. Now get busy and try to find some ammo for it.

janice6 02-27-2013 15:26

welcome to GT.

You are just in time for the vilification of us. (sarcasm)

glock_collector 02-27-2013 18:31

Pm me if you want a ccw class.

jakebrake 02-27-2013 18:32


catalyst686 02-27-2013 22:10

Welcome from Edina.

Will Beararms 02-27-2013 23:14

Congratulations from the Republic of Texas. New handgun owner? I love it. The more responsible gun owners; the better. You have made a great choice. If it works, never trade it. I wish I had every handgun that worked well I have traded back. When the urge hits for another, wait until you can buy it outright. Handguns are like lays potato chips----you can't have just one.

treeguy 02-28-2013 18:58

Thanks everyone-about 10 days until my NRA class. Sure wish my Glock gets here before than.

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