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Reyn 02-21-2013 16:19

Are you physically fit?
Now I understand some people have/had injuries,ailments,age etc.. but outside of that would you consider yourself fit?

I've read on various forums where some people prepare for SHTF scenarios whether its govt.,Catastrophes..whatever. They may have food,ammo,survival gear but couldn't run 100yds without passing out. Soldiers train for it but it seems physical preperation is overlooked in these situations. Opinions?

WT 02-21-2013 16:23


I am a senior citizen and young hot women keep hitting on me.

I think I can do more pushups and situps than guys half my age. I have no problem doing a 10-15 mile day hike. I ride a bicycle. I gave up skiing because of knee injuries. I drink German beer and have 1 cigar a week.

strack350 02-21-2013 16:24

I consider myself fit. After watching preppers though I see you have a valid question. :wow:

glockfanbob 02-21-2013 16:26

Completely agree. Quite a large number of folks concern themselves about making sure they have 10,000 rounds for each firearm as SHTF preps but can't be bothered to even attempt to get in better shape. Let's face it, getting and staying in shape is a lifestyle and hard work therefore most people in general (in and out of the gun community) are not going to be willing to do so.

I consider myself in decent shape. Strength wise I am happy (but want more) but I need to do more cardio for sure.

Drain You 02-21-2013 16:27

Yes, I also know the time and am too legit to quit.

skinny99 02-21-2013 16:27


HollowHead 02-21-2013 16:27

No. While I'm only ten pounds heavier than when I ran track in HS ('75-78), I'd probably die if I ran the 440 again...and that was my event. And there's nothing physically wrong with me. :crying: HH

Steel Head 02-21-2013 16:28

Not as much as I'd like to be but my work tends to keep me in decent shape.

MoCop 02-21-2013 16:33

Not as much as I'd like to be either, but I'm working on it.

Jim1970 02-21-2013 16:37


I'd rather not talk about this! But, I need to.

I sit all day. Spent many, many years in college, and have "earned" myself a desk job where I solve problems using my brain - then I send someone else to do the actual labor. As a result, I'm soft in the middle, easily winded, and generally don't do anything more physical than necessary. I'm 42 years old and have recently discovered a love for chocolate and rum (not together). I need to get off my ass and go to the gym, but I really hate sweating.

In an SHFT, I have the weaponry to take care of business. I have the mindset to survive a difficult situation. I have the experience in dealing with the elements. However, if I had to physically "do" much for very long, I'd be screwed. I have rationalized it this way: I will be ready for them so in such a manner that a physical confrontation will not be necessary. Not sure that makes sense, or that the situation would go down in such a way that I could make that happen, but that's what I tell myself!

Now I need to go work out. Thanks for that.


Never Nervous 02-21-2013 16:50

I will turn 70 in April and still play 3 on 3 with my sons and grandson. Had to give up full court last year because of knee swelling after playing. I walk when I play golf and carry my bag. My job keep me mentally and physically fit. It is a Blessing not to hurt from mental or physical ailments. Y'all know how us older guys roll. The older we get the better we used to be.:supergrin:


Huaco Kid 02-21-2013 16:52


I bust my ass all day. Spent the required years in college and have earned myself my dream job where I solve problems using my brain, because the design guys have no clue how things work in the real world, and sheer guts - because the desk guys and management are too ***** to follow me around on the job.

As a result I'm a skinny, wiry and eat like a sumo wrestler.

I'll just wait for the other guy's hoveround to discharge and slowly take their supplies.

HKLovingIT 02-21-2013 16:55

Yes I am. :thumbsup:

Not for any martial purpose so much as for quality of life. I like to do outdoor things and to keep up with my teen sons. Doesn't hurt in the dating department either.

Always room for improvement and to try to stave off the ever increasing number of years piling up on me.

certifiedfunds 02-21-2013 17:08

No. Not at the moment.

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HerrGlock 02-21-2013 17:16

I did an ironman a few years ago in less than 15 hours. Would that mean I'm at least in decent shape?

Happypuppy 02-21-2013 17:19

Yes. I run or use a treadmill 30 minutes a day 6 days a week and lift for and hour or so 4 days a week. When you are in shape you feel better , it as a process of continual improvement. I am old , but I am still able to keep up with those much younger than myself

Buki192327 02-21-2013 17:20

Not since 4 spine surgeries. :crying:

I do keep myself mentally fit.

certifiedfunds 02-21-2013 17:21

I started my testosterone **** this week. Y'all better watch out. It's gonna be on like donkey kong

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certifiedfunds 02-21-2013 17:22


Originally Posted by HerrGlock (Post 20016338)
I did an ironman a few years ago in less than 15 hours. Would that mean I'm at least in decent shape?

Ironman is an eating contest. You know that.


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vart 02-21-2013 17:22

My doctor has confirmed that I am healthy enough for sex...

HerrGlock 02-21-2013 17:26


Originally Posted by certifiedfunds (Post 20016368)
Ironman is an eating contest. You know that.


It was a 12,000 calorie day. I ate a whole large pizza afterwords then couldn't get out of the tub full of ice for about an hour. But I could walk the next day :)

2bgop 02-21-2013 17:28


Originally Posted by vart (Post 20016370)
My doctor has confirmed that I am healthy enough for sex...

I hope she is hot....

M&P Shooter 02-21-2013 17:29

Are you physically fit?
On GT I am a 6' 3" 210lb Navy S.E.A.L. sniper benching 450lbs and sleeping with super models every weekend:cool:

Now in real life I am a over weight bus operator who just ate Taco Bell Tacos with a Dr Peeper:crying:

bocaboca 02-21-2013 17:29

yep...late 60's...........
Martial Arts Instructor (Judo) still compete in Masters competition.
High School Baseball coach
10 lbs over my high school weight.....170
never smoked...but I did grow up in the 60's hehehehe

Glock20 10mm 02-21-2013 17:31

I would consider myself to be moderately fit. I keep active and work outdoors around the property, cutting firewood and clearing no burn zones for the upcoming fire season has helped a lot. But I can't run, but that's due to a bad knee. But for my age... yes I am pretty darn fit!

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