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Diesel_Bomber 02-19-2013 18:04

Post your favorite song COVERS

Better than the original. Nate Burnham now has an album available, soon as I click "post" I'm going to go buy it on Amazon.

What else you got?

aplcr0331 02-19-2013 18:49

Gretchen Wilson and Alice in Chains covering Heart's "Barracuda"

Nightwish covering Gary Marshall's "Over The Hills and Far Away"

Queensryche covering Simon and Garfunkel (and others) "Scarborough Fair"

Linkin Park covering Adele's "Rolling in the Deep"

Aaron Lewis, covering just about everything. Look around YouTube, he actually does most songs some justice.

Eric 02-19-2013 18:50

RedTop 02-19-2013 18:52

skinny99 02-19-2013 18:53

Piss on you Eric. You beat me too it. Prob one of the greatest covers ever.

skinny99 02-19-2013 18:54

Pecos Bill 1911 02-19-2013 18:56

Eddie Vedder sings "The Waiting".
Best Wishes! Pecos Bill out.

Eric 02-19-2013 18:59

Diesel_Bomber 02-19-2013 19:20

Good stuff! Keep them coming.

spsmith713 02-19-2013 19:22

Levon Helm: Tennessee Jed

countrygun 02-19-2013 19:32

To an oldster I am, I used to collect covers of this song and I was really blown away by this one for some reason

Pecos Bill 1911 02-19-2013 19:34

Mr. Tambourine Man by the Byrds. Orginally recorded by Bob Dylan.
Best Wishes! Pecos Bill out.

Goodrich 02-19-2013 19:46

michael_b 02-19-2013 19:48

Jimi Hendrix - All Along the Watchtower

countrygun 02-19-2013 19:51

Eric 02-19-2013 19:51

THEPOPE 02-19-2013 19:54

Santana, Black Magic Woman original done by Fleetwood Mac

Sorry I don't know how to do the vid link...


stolenphot0 02-19-2013 19:56

Free Bird covered by Joey & Rory

You'll Never Leave Harlan Alive covered by Maddie Grace

ViennaGambit 02-19-2013 19:56

Staind covering Tool's Sober. Give me the chills ever time. Staind's entire Live at Hiro Ballroom album is full of amazing covers. Their Alice in Chains' "Nutshell" cover is another killer.

Edit how the hell do you embed a video??

Eric 02-19-2013 19:57

Theme song from MASH:

Eric 02-19-2013 19:58

stolenphot0 02-19-2013 19:59


Originally Posted by countrygun (Post 20008580)

Yes this^^^

countrygun 02-19-2013 20:00

Happypuppy 02-19-2013 20:01

As a Washingtonian I feel obliged to pick a state band
Stairway To Heaven by Heart

Grabbrass 02-19-2013 20:02

Here's a couple vids from live shows of Interstellar Factory, the best pre-Darkside Floyd cover band ever.

Echoes, 04/28/2011

The entire live half of Ummagumma, 09/03/2012

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