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kb18no1 02-18-2013 16:23

How do you carry spare mags?
1. How do you carry a spare mag?
2. What brand?
3. IWB or OWB or other?


robhic 02-18-2013 16:47

Don't remember the brand but got a single mag holder (hard side) with a spring-clip for about $12 from Bo ..... (they whose name shall not be mentioned).com. It was a friction type that held the mag very well.

GLOCK19FTW 02-18-2013 16:58

I tried to make one myself, out of a knife pouch of all things..

Worked great for about 2 whole hours.

I am now in the process of trying to find a single mag pouch for a reasonable price, since I only have two 15 round mags and one of them is in the 19 when I'm carrying (even though I could legally carry the 33 round mags, I'd prefer not to when CCW'ing.. lol)

Jason D 02-18-2013 17:06

Galco single magazine carrier made from leather.
It is leather worn on the outside of the belt and attached by a polymer J clip.

I have several of them for different sized magazines. This one will fit double stack magazines fairly tightly.

Ranger1759 02-18-2013 17:10

I use a old cell phone holder, holds two 13 round G23 mags or one mag and a 5.11 ATAC-A1 flashlight, which is how I normally carry it...I figure 26 rounds and a flashlight is better than 39 rounds and in the it conceals very well...looks like what it is supposed to look like....a phone holder..

Travelin' Jack 02-18-2013 17:14

I carry a single spare magazine in this:

Model # 123-83-2 holds my 15 and 17 round PPQ magazines just fine and it conceals well. I have a few other horizontal style OWB and IWB single mag pouches collecting dust.

cfrye11 02-18-2013 17:21

I just throw it in a pocket. No need to have another thing hiding on my belt.

molan labe

wjv 02-18-2013 17:23

GLOCK19FTW 02-18-2013 17:26


Originally Posted by cfrye11 (Post 20003834)
I just throw it in a pocket. No need to have another thing hiding on my belt.

molan labe

I would, but the problem with that is the pocket lint, loose tobacco that falls out from the pack, etc..

If I were to carry in pocket, it would need something covering the tip (where the bullets go)

Gun Shark 02-18-2013 17:26

Weak side(left for me) owb. Currently in a BlackHawk single mag carrier I got for 20 bucks at my LGS. I recently ordered a Mitch Rosen MBS express for 50 bucks plus shipping. I carry an XDM 3.8 .40.

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Scott30 02-18-2013 17:46

These looked interesting and well designed. Good reviews as well. Will know tomorrow when they arrive. Price is great and communication with the owner was fantastic.

Skid_on_Roadkill 02-18-2013 19:06

I carry a Glock 13 round mag for my model 30 in a Glock brand mag pouch OWB.

Your welcome.

RJ's Guns 02-18-2013 19:12

I do not carry spare mag, I carry a spare handgun. Usually a Seecamp 380 or a S&W J frame.

nosuchagency 02-18-2013 20:12
primarily the comp-tac tek-lok single on the left (for which i have one for each of my permit pistols).

Sgt.K 02-18-2013 20:24

Nylon velcro flap made by Pass Port. Weak side OWB with the clip. When I carry my G19 I use one that will hold a G17 mag w/a plus 2 and when it is my PM9 I carry one that holds the 7 round extended. Sort of discrete/stealth if I have my shirt tucked in.

skyboss_4evr 02-18-2013 21:29

OWB in a Kytex mag pouch. Great product!!

cadillacguns 02-19-2013 03:01

OWB kydex, where do you get the comp-tac tek-lok?

Oh, and my car door has a G-22 mag, and my consol does to, so around my car or in my pocket I always have a spare.

firefighter4215 02-19-2013 03:25


Originally Posted by cfrye11 (Post 20003834)
I just throw it in a pocket. No need to have another thing hiding on my belt.

molan labe

Me too. I haven't needed to strip the mag and clean out the lint yet, either.

Filhar 02-19-2013 08:18

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EBay seller that I know makes custom knife sheaths and mag holders. I went for a plain black one for a g17 mag for my g26. Here's a picture.

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Filhar 02-19-2013 08:20

Sorry, seller info is leathermandbh

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Bill Lumberg 02-19-2013 08:46

In my door pocket, glovebox, pack, tac bag, computer bag. junk drawer, night stand, motorcycle glovebox, and in a single or double mag carrier on my belt. Galco/Bianchi/Blackhawk/Glock. Sometimes no carrier, just one in a pocket.

Originally Posted by kb18no1 (Post 20003545)
1. How do you carry a spare mag?
2. What brand?
3. IWB or OWB or other?


Lord 02-19-2013 09:38


Originally Posted by wjv (Post 20003845)

I don't see this as a safe effective way to carry a spare mag. here's why...

it's a pocket holster that I assume you keep in the pocket on the strong side. in a crisis you reach in and immediately pull the weapon.... now the spare is still in the pocket on the strong side, while your strong hand is otherwise engaged with the weapon... doesn't make much sense to carry a spare on strong side unless you can still get to it with weak hand i.e. on the waistband. I've tried to get my keys out of my pocket with the opposite hand and it looks like having a seizure...

Mudshark100 02-19-2013 15:05

I wear two Don Hume clip on leather mag holders on my weak-side hip. Been using them for about four years. Work great, stay in place, and look good. No Velcro flaps to deal with and no problems of magazines slipping out. I use them in IDPA, as well.

Jason D 02-19-2013 15:45

For someone wanting a case on the cheap. Walmart was selling the Blackhawk nylon single mag carrier a while back for about 10 bucks. They were actually pretty nice for the price and made in America.

SCmasterblaster 02-19-2013 18:13

I carry my spare G17 magazine in my back left pocket.

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