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GCreggs 02-11-2013 15:13

PowerBond Bullets?
Hey guys,

I've been interested in reloading for a couple years, but havent had the money or time to invest in the hobby. i had been reading up on the different loads and some tips to reloading and my wife took notice, spoke to a friend of mine, and ordered me a dillon 550b for my birthday (couple weeks before it shows).

With the reloader on its way, i figured i might as well get a jump start on ordering materials so i can get to it as soon as i get the 550. With all of the mess with politics and the ban in the works everyone in my area (maryland) has wiped out all of the reloading supplies within a 50 mile radius.... so i've joined the internet search like everyone else. After finding nothing but 'out of stock' and 'not available' i stumbled across a forum where someone suggested powerbond bullets.

I read up some on them and from what i understand plated bullets, although arnt exactly jacketed, are capable of using my G19 without causing any severe damage to me or the weapon. So i ordered 500 to check them out and maybe do a couple light loads to see how i can get them to work.

So with all the above in mind, my real questions come to a couple things...

1) has anyone used this company before? and what do you think of them?

2) do you have any load data for using 9mm round nose 115gn bullets and probably HP38 powder (that opens another can of worms... but i think im gonna try it first)

Thanks guys

sellersm 02-11-2013 15:48

I asked the owner of PowerBond bullets about loading, and he said to load them the same as FMJ. They're extra-thick plated... I've used many of their 230gr and I treated them the same as FMJ and they worked fine.

As to load data, check out the website for HP38, they've got load data:

dkf 02-11-2013 16:56

Order as much as you can afford and wait. FMJ bullets cheaper than a lot of plated and cheaper than the powerbond.

IndyGunFreak 02-11-2013 20:03

OK, I'm not a conspiracy nut but..

Has any of the other GTR regular noticed that until a few weeks ago, I don't think Powerbond was ever mentioned on this forum. Now, every person with under 50 posts is mentioning them...


GCreggs 02-11-2013 20:14


Originally Posted by IndyGunFreak (Post 19977063)
OK, I'm not a conspiracy nut but..

Has any of the other GTR regular noticed that until a few weeks ago, I don't think Powerbond was ever mentioned on this forum. Now, every person with under 50 posts is mentioning them...


I hear ya, but some of us newbies don't have a stash of supplies saved up. And with the rush to buy everything related to firearms you gotta explore all options :supergrin:

shotgunred 02-11-2013 21:40

His prices are a little high. Which is surprising as he lives in nowhere Idaho were land and labor are dirt cheap.
He should take the opportunity given to him in this time and get his product out there and in people guns. Of course with everyone else sold out he may not have to.

DWARREN123 02-11-2013 22:16

I would not load them to max but good bullets.
As for the powder go to Hodgdon's web site and use their load data center info on charges/bullet types, good site. :supergrin:

Taterhead 02-12-2013 00:06

Great bullets. Quantities as low as 500 if you want to try a few. They do run like jacketed bullets, so you don't have to be fussy with them like you do with the Berry's and Rainier's of the world. They are very consistent in weight and diameter. My Glocks like them.

lockANDload 02-12-2013 09:56

Been using them for awhile now. Great product IMO and fast delivery. Load like a fmj and you won't have any problems. I've put them through my glock and springfield .40 without a single issue. I actually just recieved two boxes of 9mm, and just got some dies for 9mm last week. Now, I gotta find time to set up and load some tests. Good luck, stay safe!

Rinconjoe 02-13-2013 03:34

why I have been reloading these bullets for some time approx looking back at back orders around 8000 bullets and got to say one of the fatest shippers last week ordered 2000 had them in four days , never had any trouble never seems to be out ever ytime i order get email conformation and even a thank you note , i contiune to use him a plus for me bullets are constant weight and diameter .

Rinconjoe 02-13-2013 03:44


Originally Posted by dkf (Post 19976335)
Order as much as you can afford and wait. FMJ bullets cheaper than a lot of plated and cheaper than the powerbond.

key word hear is only three dollors less per 1000 and you have to wait i have never had to wait on Powerbond bullets , weight consistant diameter consistant and fast shipping .

shotgunred 02-13-2013 07:05

If he sold 223 I would give him a try.

Boxerglocker 02-13-2013 08:43

The PowerBond bullets look suspiciously like Rainier's to me... Even certain pictures on their website look like stock ones from the Rainier. We have a couple guys sponsored by Rainier at our club. They have done tours of their facility in Tacoma numerous times. I'm going to ask if they have any knowledge of PowerBond.
I'm personally not a big plated bullet fan. They are OK performance wise but I feel FMJs trump them on value/performance overall. Plated bullets are way over priced IMO. I just plugged 1000 124 RNs at PowerBond it was $109 total. I paid $93 a K for 124 JHPs at Precision Delta delivered (2K) last month. I pay $29 for 500 BC 135 RN molys locally.
I do realize with the current state of the industry beggars can't be choosers, so paying a premium for a product that is in stock at this time is a must for most.

shotgunred 02-13-2013 17:32

But the nice thing about being prepared is that I haven't felt the need to buy any over priced or hard to find pistol components.

dkf 02-13-2013 19:46


I paid $93 a K for 124 JHPs at Precision Delta delivered (2K) last month.
I got them for $91 per 1k when I ordered them in december. Were $89 per 1k before then.(all shipped prices) Plated and .357sig velocities don't get along and I can push those jacketed PD bullets as hard as I want. I agree plated are overpriced for what they are. Seems like pickens get slim and the non popular bullets get popular due to lack of options.

Taterhead 02-14-2013 00:18

I'm not a shill for PowerBond, but the problem is that they get lumped in with typical "plated" bullets due to their construction type. Aside from the way that they are constructed, they don't act at all like regular plated bullets from Berry's or Rainer.

I began using them last spring (3000 thus far), and they are every bit as good in my Glocks as jacketed bullets. They stand up to 10mm Auto velocities and also work great in .40 S&W. They load, shoot, and act like a jacketed bullet. The bullet weights are more consitent than Hdy XTPs. FMJ load data is called for rather than the usual reductions for Berry's and Rainier.

To get Berry's to run right, I had to give an extra large bell, seat long, seat and crimp in separate steps, barely crimp, and slow 'em way down. No such adjustments for the PowerBonds.

So for guys that are on the fence because they like jacketed bullets, and are wary of "plated" bullets, PBs are worth a look while components are scarce. A 500 count minimum isn't too terribly big of a commitment.

Also, they have some pretty good volume discounts. Some guys at my club cobble together orders to get pretty good prices. I believe he'll work with you at 5000 or more.

dougader 02-15-2013 21:30

Speer bullets are plated as well...

For a 115 fmj in 9mm, I'd run right at 4.7 grains W231/HP38 with standard primers and 1.135" COL.

dougader 02-16-2013 11:12

Does anyone know if the Power Bond hollow point bullets actually expand, or are they more like the Zero and Montana Gold that don't expand in gel or water testing?

sellersm 02-16-2013 16:09

I've never tested their HPs for expansion, but just looking at them, I don't see how they could. They have no 'petals', it's more like just a hole in the bullet, similar to Berry's HP or other's plated HPs.

I could be wrong, however...

dkf 02-16-2013 19:29

Hornady HAP and PD 124gr JHP will expand the question is how reliably and at what velocity is required. The MG JHPs will even get some expansion if pushed hard.

If you want a bullet with a better track record for expansion look at the Speer Gold Dot or Hornady XTP.

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