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TX OMFS 02-10-2013 19:05

Blue Bloods
The best drama on TV at the moment and one of the best shows ever on TV. What do you think?

My wife and l love that it is generally clean, the characters and family do the right thing, and there is a strong sense of family.

The last episode where Frank learns he had an older brother that died young, before Frank was even born, was a tear jerker. I found out I had two uncles that were institutionalized for MR that I never knew. They even lived in my town! It's a hard thing to uncover stuff like that in your family.

akbluz 02-10-2013 20:49

I also applaud the CBS Friday night show BLUEBLOODS. Of all the cr@p on tv nowadays, this show is a real winner in my opinion. Anything with Tom Selleck in is has to be good.
I also enjoy the Jesse Stone series series on CBS starring Tom Selleck.

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