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CareerCoach 02-10-2013 12:14

Guns, tattoos, and lassos
Hoping to find other ladies here to share shooting and gear experiences with. Few, if any, gun forums dedicated just to women. Have been to The Well Armed Woman and Cornered Cat. Any other suggestions anyone has will be welcome.

bac1023 02-10-2013 12:52


ca survivor 02-10-2013 13:45


NDCent 02-10-2013 13:46

I suddenly feel the urge to be tied up, pistol whipped, and have submissive tattooed on my butt cheek. :dunno:


skeeter7 02-10-2013 15:29


pipedreams 02-10-2013 16:03

:welcome: Enjoy GT....................

mymini40 02-10-2013 17:11

Welcome to the forum!

jakebrake 02-10-2013 17:22


ALDIS 02-10-2013 17:55

Welcome to GT. Friendly place.
Lots of women here, I don't have any idea of a mostly women's blog or forum.
I have been to several, including the two you mentioned, keep coming back here
to good ole GT.
Good People, good info, helpful, supportive, and some are , uh, a little crazy, but then
again. . . . . .

CareerCoach 02-10-2013 18:16

NDCent, I'm a Leo, and a tall one at that, so I have a tendency to make quite an entrance

CareerCoach 02-10-2013 18:18

Alex, thanks for the confirmation about where to spend my time. I carry a G26 & G19C, so I guess it only makes sense that I hang out with other

ADK_40GLKr 02-11-2013 17:58

There is also a WOMEN'S ISSUES forum here, but I think a lotta guys lurk there, too.


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CareerCoach 02-11-2013 18:21

Thanks ADK, already made my way over there. Appreciate the warning, too

Pepiot 02-11-2013 20:51

Bad ass avatar

CareerCoach 02-11-2013 21:24

you can't see it, but she's tattoed up too... i always wanted to be Wonder Woman, so 2 years ago I was for Halloween!

It was great til I saw a dude wearing the same ******ing costume with dollar bills sticking outta the top.....

RPVG 02-14-2013 19:34


Originally Posted by CareerCoach (Post 19977454)
"... It was great til I saw a dude wearing the same ******ing costume with dollar bills sticking outta the top....."

ROTF! Welcome!

oily_oink 02-16-2013 10:14

:welcome: From Michigan!

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