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glockin-45 02-09-2013 16:16

Anyone hard chrome their 1911?
I like black guns. But i wish i would have gotten my TRP in stainless. Anyone have pis of their 1911, that they had hard chromed, and how it lasted. TKS!

glock2740 02-09-2013 16:30

I've got a few. :cool: It holds up VERY well.

glock2740 02-09-2013 16:33

Here's a few of them.

NH Predator II w/bobtail

Guncrafter Model 1 in .50GI

STI Legacy

glock2740 02-09-2013 16:42


Guncrafter No Name CCO

Total custom Kimber

Guncrafter No Name Commander and total custom Colt Commander

Well, there's a few of them. I have 4 more out being hardchromed as I type. :cool: Hardchrome is great stuff. And Chris at Metaloy is the best at it. Give him a call and he can hook you up.

glock2740 02-09-2013 16:45

On a side note, hardchrome is extremely hard to photograph. All of those guns have the exact same finish and look identical in person next to each other.

glockin-45 02-09-2013 17:01

Thanks, glock2740. Cool pics, nice guns!:wow:

mleroux21 02-09-2013 18:19

Joe is definitly the guy to talk to about Hardchrome!


rebby 02-09-2013 18:28

APW Cogan did a matte hard chrome on one of mine. Fantastic finish. Only downside of the matte is that it will polish itself with use so places of friction (under the safety, slide lock) will get that mirror finish eventually. It took probably 5000 rounds for mine to polish itself though.

T-Rod45 02-09-2013 18:52

Mine is hard chromed, but I bought it that way.

SPIN2010 02-09-2013 18:56

2740 is known to have caused a chrome shortage in the USA several times in the 1911 forum.

faawrenchbndr 02-09-2013 19:00

I think Joe has a deal to have his carcass hard chromed before he is buried! :rofl:

glock2740 02-09-2013 19:11

Hardchrome. The new Gold. :thumbsup:


1canvas 02-09-2013 20:48

I love blue steel guns but I have sweat like acid. I had the frame on my combat commander done about 25 years ago and the frame looks as good as it did when I had it done.

silversport 02-10-2013 06:31

I had my Kimber Hard Chromed at Tripp Research in looks about the same as it did when completed...very pleased with Hard Chroming...


faawrenchbndr 02-10-2013 06:40

Not a 1911,.....but I love my Tripp hard chromed P7m8

BuckyP 02-10-2013 06:54


Originally Posted by faawrenchbndr (Post 19970272)
Not a 1911,.....but I love my Tripp hard chromed P7m8


My contribution, I had my Caspian race gun hard chromed in 1996 after it rusted when shooting in the rain. Many matches later, some in rain, snow, and 100K+ later, the finish hasn't really changed much.

Done right, it lasts and wears really well.

3rdgen40 02-10-2013 07:51


Originally Posted by glock2740 (Post 19968461)
I've got a few. :cool: It holds up VERY well.

Do you use Metaloy in Berryville ? I'm thinking about this finish for my project gun.It's going see some hard use and I need an extremely durable finish for it.

faawrenchbndr 02-10-2013 07:55

Yep,.......Joe paid for Chris' last car.

3rdgen40 02-10-2013 08:03


Originally Posted by faawrenchbndr (Post 19970409)
Yep,.......Joe paid for Chris' last car.

He might be able to buy a tank of gas for it with what I need done...:rofl:

MoFormula 02-10-2013 09:46

Colt Sistema

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