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PinkoCommie 02-09-2013 05:03

was it just me...
... or was it a WEIRD Friday night at work for you too?


DaBigBR 02-09-2013 07:24

Not particularly. It looked like we were going to get piss pounded right out of the gate, but it ended up average.

Morris 02-09-2013 07:36

It was a busy day shift. Shooting nearby, burglary, warrant, general mopery.

rockapede 02-09-2013 07:49

Was a busy day shift. I always know it's gonna be fun when I'm dealing with a drunk at 0800.

merlynusn 02-09-2013 08:06

Nope. Pretty quiet for us, but I think some other areas were a little heavier. Thursday was messed up for us.

RMolina628 02-09-2013 08:16

Fridays are usually very slow at the courthouse. However, I had a lot of " I do not get paid enough for __________" moments.

Kingarthurhk 02-09-2013 09:08

I am on day shift with weekends and holidays off. It never used to be that way. It took a long time to get on this schedule, so I am pretty happy about it. It makes for better family time. When I was single I started off two weeks days, two weeks swings, two weeks midnights. That got old quick. Not long after I got married, they finally decided to do month rotations. Then I got out of uniform and went to salary on call, and that was all day, all night all the time. Working three days straight on a case got old quickly. That and we got all the crap because we were the bottom agency of the merger.

I put it to go back to the day, swing, midnight affair, because they were looking for senior agents to come back. They offered me Buffu Egypt. I turned them down, and have been at my current position about 7 years.

When the fit hits the shan; however, weekeds, holidays, and day shift are out the window. But, hopefully no more natural disasters anytime soon.

indigent 02-09-2013 09:52

Nope.... It's our weekend off.....

Thursday night wasn't too bad.....

Ftttu 02-09-2013 10:38

Just a little. A girl seen walking down a highway covered in blood. Turns out, she jumped from a moving vehicle to get away from a creepy guy. Then her story changed to creepy girl driving. She had a big laceration on her head along with lesser ones.

Had a couple of other family disturbances. Oh, I found a saddled horse in the middle of a dark roadway with a rope attached to the saddle horn. Thought there may have been a rider thrown somewhere, but it just turned out to be a horse which took off from its enclosure to go hang with a nearby buddy horse. Pretty much a regular Friday night for us.

CJStudent 02-09-2013 14:29

Had a little insanity from disorganization. I got pulled from my normal post to go take a med trip out until overtime got there to cover it, then (as my partner and I got halfway back to the institution), we got called to go back and pick another up and bring him back. I got back and back to my assigned post, which was one I'd never worked before (visitation at the minimum security camp, which runs different than inside the fence), so that was all kinds of interesting until it got settled down.

IrishSheepdog54 02-09-2013 15:07

The drunks seemed particularly stupid last night.

nikerret 02-09-2013 15:13

Nope, couldn't buy action.

PinkoCommie 02-09-2013 18:40

I don't know if it's the warm wether and lack of snow around here, but the lid pop off early off the usual springtime jar of crazy. Lots of people who are just completely nuts.

CJStudent 02-09-2013 18:44

Well, the insanity continued on a bit into tonight. Stupid stuff, but a pain in the butt nonetheless.

RyanNREMTP 02-09-2013 19:03

Nothing special happened around here Friday at either of my jobs.

Sent from my Federation issued communicator.

Cochese 02-09-2013 20:03

Robbery, sex assault, etc but I was acting sgt. so I didn't take any paper. :supergrin:

countrygun 02-09-2013 20:09

Thursday night was rough at our hospital. A bizarre Multiple vehicle TA and it took hours and extra manpower to handle and every routine (if anything could be) detail was twisted in some way to make it as difficult as possible. My wife was well into overtime before it was sorted out. It was the first serious trauma on her shift in weeks.

efman 02-09-2013 21:42

My thursday was wild, dui drugs multiple suicides, barracaded subjects and accident with was busy for me!

longhunter09 02-10-2013 01:55

Pretty quiet night. I did work a domestic disturbance between an old biker groupie and her semi-transient boyfriend. She told me a story about the time she did coke with Greg Allman and a Pagan she was currently "seeing". I started to call BS, but she spun a VERY detailed story. I used to wonder what happened to groupies when they get too told Turns out it ain't pretty...

indigent 02-10-2013 02:34


Originally Posted by Cochese (Post 19969372)
Robbery, sex assault, etc but I was acting sgt. so I didn't take any paper. :supergrin:

Practicing for when they put those stripes on are we????

ditchdoc24 02-10-2013 06:46

Friday was fine since I was off:tongueout:

It's been a busy weekend though. Hauled off 2 truck loads of trash yesterday to the dump then spent the afternoon cleaning up the work shop and hauling my reloading press down from the attic.

Today I'm headed to the hunting club to clear some trails to a few new stand sites before rain comes in. I have Grand Jury tomorrow morning on 4 cases and then back to work tomorrow night. Luckily it's supposed to rain all night tonight and tomorrow so it should be fairly quiet.

wprebeck 02-10-2013 06:56

Nothing unusual at the jail, other than a couple of fights. At my off duty job, I dealt with a suicidal female. Talked with her a bit, while waiting on LMPD. They arrived, I briefed them in, they transported the girl to the hospital for treatment.

Then, the fun started - my truck wouldn't start. Supposed to depart at 0430 (been working since 1500 the day before; I go straight to my off duty job). Called a tow, got home at 0600. Yay.

Spent Saturday replacing a starter. Normally, not the big of a deal. But, the nut that holds the starter wire on had fused to the bolt. We managed to get the starter off, because the bolt pulled right out of the starter, but was still attached to the wire.

Went and bought a Dremel tool, then managed to cut the bolt from the wire. Replaced starter, truck started. Haven't driven it yet, heading to church in a few minutes, so we'll see if it works.

So, my Friday screwed my Saturday - but nothing work related. Just the usual assortment of drunken idiots at the store where I work off duty.

DaBigBR 02-10-2013 07:17

We were rockin' tonight, though. It sleeted and then rained pretty much all night. We had about two hours where they were constantly looking for folks to clear to handle calls. The rain meant that everybody tried to drive their drunk asses home, and the sleet prevented some from doing it. At one point we had four or five officers all processing drunk drivers. The area to do so consists of three rooms, 10x10 and smaller. It was a zoo.

scottydl 02-11-2013 06:17

Friday was busy for me, 3rd Shift has been dying off around 0400 most winter nights lately. But this past weekend was rockin' all night, nothing major but lots of traffic & warrants arrests and "general mopery" as someone astutely labeled it above. Enough to keep me occupied all night, which is better than suffering through the last 4-5 hours of nothingness.

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