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hambone80 02-08-2013 19:16

Newbie from Kansas City.
Hey Y'all, just wanted to say that I'm happy to have found this site! I do not own a Glock yet. Heck, I've never even fired a Glock yet! I do own an XD 40 service model that I have kinda tricked out. I'm now leaning towards buy a Gen 4 26 though. The baby glocks really intrigue me! I never paid too much attention to Glocks, until I picked up a Gen 4 19, and I fell in love right off the bat. Since I have a compact already I'm looking for a sub-compact and the 26 felt nice to me. Anyhow, I think I might become a Glockaholic soon!

ScottieG59 02-08-2013 20:14

Hello neighbor. I waited until the Gen3 Glock to jump aboard. The baby Glocks are nice. I have a Glock 27 which I convert to 9mm with a Lone Wolf conversion barrel and some 9mm mags. It make for cheaper range time and gives me flexibility. I carry it with the stock 40 S&W setup.

I really like how easy it is to maintain and clean a Glock.

So far, I have 3 Glocks and they are all great (19, 20 and 27).

I make sure to keep plenty of ammo and magazines. In anticipation of shortages, I also have magazines for other Glocks I have not bought yet.

If you get the Glock 26, the Glock 17, 18 and 19 magazines will function in it too.

hambone80 02-08-2013 21:12

The ability to use 15,17, and 33 round mags kind of sold me on the 26. Also, I like all the aftermarket parts and assessories too! I was considering the M&P Shield or the new SA XDS9, but capacity is less and I can't even find a shield around here. That little baby Glock should conceal just fine for me.

mymini40 02-08-2013 21:13

Welcome to the forum!

Gomez93 02-08-2013 21:40

Welcome! I echo what ScottieG59 said. You'll really like the Glock. Another nice thing, if you find the grip to be a little short for you liking, it's easy to replace the magazine floor plate with an extension.

bac1023 02-08-2013 22:04


pipedreams 02-08-2013 22:32

:welcome: Enjoy GT....................

hambone80 02-09-2013 01:04

I found that short little grip to fit just right on the Gen4. For some reason the Gen3 26 felt a little unnatural for me. I tucked my pinky underneath and it just felt right, so I'm sold on it. Thanks everyone!

skeeter7 02-09-2013 19:07


Stlbrian 02-09-2013 20:57

Welcome from the east side of the state!!

colin1230 02-10-2013 04:31

Welcome to GT, neighbor.

ca survivor 02-10-2013 13:49


oily_oink 02-16-2013 10:45

:welcome: From Michigan!

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