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Eric2340 02-06-2013 20:10

Funny Obama Shotgun pics :)

glock2740 02-06-2013 20:16


Eric2340 02-06-2013 20:18

More / better pics on the link too :)

Enjoy -


bac1023 02-06-2013 20:23


Caver 60 02-06-2013 22:48

See my post four.

RJ's Guns 02-06-2013 22:49

Those pictures made me laugh. Thanks

Berto 02-07-2013 00:40

My favorite;

Rooster Rugburn 02-07-2013 04:26

Here's another site I've been watching:

F_G 02-07-2013 04:48


Originally Posted by Berto (Post 19958778)

Beaker doesn't look any more concerned than usual. :dunno: Some funny and twisted sense of humor out there. :rofl:

Mr Spock 02-07-2013 05:13

What kind of complete moron releases a picture on the Internet with specific instructions not to manipulate it? That is like dropping a raw steak in the ocean and gathering all the sharks just so you can tell them not to touch it.

The moment that statement was released, it was guaranteed it'd get picked apart, and that darn BoR protects all that political expression in those shopped pics.

ca survivor 02-07-2013 13:08

this pic is the one that makes more sense :rofl:

LSUAdman 02-07-2013 15:22

Awww, but guuuuuuuuys. They said not to photoshop the image. You're not playing fair! Waaaaaaaaaaaaah.

Jason D 02-07-2013 16:38

I wonder if I could get his shooting pic printed on toilet paper.

M2 Carbine 02-07-2013 18:09


I wonder if I could get his shooting pic printed on toilet paper.
Probably. I would buy it.

I have his picture in the cat's litter box.

Only problem is it's a little confusing. I keep trying to scoop him out with the other turds.:)

Caver 60 02-07-2013 18:20


Originally Posted by Jason D (Post 19961190)
I wonder if I could get his shooting pic printed on toilet paper.

I think a TP company should just sell rolls with his face pictured on each sheet. I'd buy a case or two.

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