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China boy 02-06-2013 21:04

Mossberg 500 Flex
So, I bought a mossberg 500 Flex for my first shotgun thinking this new flex system would be nice to switch parts around with ease. Now that I have this shotgun I've been searching the web and it seems there are not really many options out there. Whats the deal? I almost wish I would have gotten the regular 500 as there is a lot more forearms, stocks and pistol grips available. Anybody know when more after market products will be available?

Diesel McBadass 02-06-2013 23:49

id like to know too, seems it could do everything from home defense to trap competition

Victoriagotagun 02-07-2013 11:26

The Flex is a new system so its going to take awhile before/if there is going to be a aftermarket for it.

BenjiEDF 02-07-2013 13:41

I almost got a FLEX but I will never use a pistol grip so I just got one of the ones with a rail on the pump forend. I've got one 18.5" barrel and one 28" barrel with the 3 chokes for trap, skeet, or hunting. The only accessory I really want to put on is a tac-light for home defense.

What kind of accessories do you want to put on?

TSAX 02-07-2013 14:01

Im considering getting one


China boy 02-07-2013 20:23


Originally Posted by BenjiEDF (Post 19960367)

What kind of accessories do you want to put on?

Well, I definitely want the 18.5 breach barrel but I know that is accessable. What I want it a better pistol grip and some forearm options. The pistol grip available it stupid and has this odd stripped pattern. I wish there were forearms like the regular 500. I read a bunch about the FLEX system and got pumped up for it and it seemed like a good first shotgun choice. Now I'm wondering if I would have went with a normal 500. The Tool-less System is nice though.

China boy 02-09-2013 22:58

I took the 500 Flex to the range and shot 10 slugs from it. No complaints. It seems a little stiff with loading the shells but everyone at the range said everything loosens up after using it a bit. It was dead on at 25 feet. Definitely had a kick with the 1oz slugs but that was expected. Had a lot of fun and can't wait to bring it out again for a few more slugs before the weather changes and I can go sport clay shooting.

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