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clarkstoncz 02-06-2013 17:12

Wiley Clapp TALO .357 Pics.
I couldn't find a Gen 4 Glock 33, so I had to jump on this
before they were all sold.

Best DA/SA action I've ever encountered on a RUGER!

sticks 02-08-2013 21:29

Nice looking Ruger.
I have a 3rd Generation Glock 32 in .357 Sig and a S&W 686 in 357 Magnum. I like both rounds.

SDGlock23 02-09-2013 18:57

That is very nice!

DRJ1911 02-09-2013 21:32

Congrats, You are going to love it. Mine is on my belt now.


catalyst686 02-10-2013 11:00

That's a nice looking gun, very cool!

Big Sam 02-13-2013 00:49

You did well! It's a great gun/ package and should serve you well.

CanyonMan 02-14-2013 10:22


Originally Posted by clarkstoncz (Post 19956887)

Pard, you did better on this than the gen 4 glock.... Very nice ! ;)


Joshhtn 02-14-2013 10:56

VERY nice!!! Congrats!!

Luminary 02-14-2013 18:22

This is on my to buy list. Definitely my next purchase. Love that matte finish.

Pecos Bill 02-14-2013 23:22

Yeah, good job. I love revolvers.

spcwes 02-15-2013 16:16

On my list as well, want to have the hammer bobbed and the barrel crowned. The wife told me there might be some engraving on the list as well! Not a huge fan of the looks on DA Rugers but I love that blaster. NICE

Also Clark, feel free to just dump all the cool pics you want here, I speak on behalf of everyone here when I say "we won't mind." :whistling:

clarkstoncz 02-16-2013 18:50

New grips.

matt_lowry123 02-17-2013 12:37

Looks good!!

Luminary 02-17-2013 12:49

Was never a fan of hogue grips. Tried them on my SP101 and after one range session, reverted back to the original grips. Bought some nice wood inserts soon after. I need a full size DA/SA Ruger revolver to accompany my S&W686+ Pro.

ca survivor 02-17-2013 16:29

Very nice, Congrats!!

hotrodon 02-17-2013 16:33

Like that finish and them sights!!

mgentry 02-17-2013 19:02

Those are great looking revolvers. Here are two of my favorite revolvers, I purchased them over 20 years ago. They are both very accurate.

bac1023 03-08-2013 18:37


Originally Posted by clarkstoncz (Post 19956887)

Very nice


MStarmer 03-16-2013 21:24

Wow, I probably would have snapped that up too!

mc1911 04-20-2013 16:17

Wiley Clapp GP
Our LGS had one. It was a beauty. Saving up for an AR at the time so I had to pass it up. My 3 inch SP101 had to do.

If it came in 4 inch I could have waited on the AR a while.

Trips to the LGS to me are like trips to the animal shelter. I wish that I had a home for all of them.

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